Indonesia Trip :D (picture heavy)

January 19, 2012

As i promised long time ago, i'm now gonna blog about my Indonesia trip during December last year. Sorry for the delaying post ;) hehe ~

Anyways, this trip was organised by the Ministry of Education Malaysia so it's a lawatan sambil belajar kinda thing =/ 28 students from all over Malaysia were selected for this program.

Okay, i gotta say that i had no idea what this trip was about. All of the participants from Melaka didn't get the official letter from the Education Department. When we went to the hotel in Sepang for briefing, only did we know that it was a student exchange program. lololololol =.=

There will be too many stuff to write if i'm gonna blog about my whole trip. My report was ELEVEN pages long. wtf. Yup, everyone needs to write a report after the trip so we can get a sijil, lol. So, here are some photos. =D


Minangkabau International Airport. See the sharp pointy thingys at the end of the roof ? Most of the buildings here have roofs like this.

We visited SMP 1 Padang, a secondary school there. The students welcomed us. See their costumes ! ;)

Their kompangs sibeh small weyh ~ 0.0

Traditional plate dance.

The school wanted us Malaysians to do a performance so i went up to play the keyboard. @@ It was so last minute, i need to write out the chords for the two other guys so they can play the guitar. lol... But it turned out well !!! Hehe, people said we were professional. successkid.jpg

Yay! We got banners! lol
Find me in the pic, i'm wearing a brown baju kurung /.\

Later we went to a restaurant for lunch. Guess what? They even have delivery! 
The pointy ends are so cool.

Later, we went up to Bukittinggi, a place something like Cameron Highlands.
See, volcano. =O


Passed by Lake Maninjau, a crater lake surrounded by 3 volcanoes. 
The view was super-effing-amazingly-beautiful !!!

Me and Haikal.
See, me carrying so many stuff @@

Later, went for lunch. =)

We found this.
Juice Tom and Jerry ... ? lolwut -,-

Clock Tower at Bukittinggi.

The people cover the sides of the horses' eyes. 
To prevent them from running sideways ? Lol.


Visited a keropok factory .. 
This one bellow is made from cows' skin.

Visited Kampung Bonjo Alam. Embroidery !

*Le me taking notes. See my face. 
I look serious ~~~ =P

Went to drink Kinko Coffee @Kampung Tabek Patah
I know what you guys are thinking, yes, the name sounds weird.

Le weird photo.
(The flowers memang like that, facing downwards.)

Then, we visited the Pagar Ruyong Palace.

Some of us tried on the traditional Minangkabau costumes.


Wait for it ...

Tadaa !!!!!!! 
Funny right ? Don't laugh la = =

Ng Sik Yong and his costume.
#Like-a-boss !

We took photos at the fake "singgahsana".
Lol, we look like the king and queen with 2 bodyguards! o.O

Fight .. ?

Hahaha, after those funny moments, we left for Lembah Anai waterfall.

*Le me again. Taking photos.


We visited the 2009 Earthquake Monument.
Okay, i know it is a monument to remember those who died in the earthquake. I'm sorry if you guys see me smiling in the photo. It doesn't mean that i'm happy that this tragedy happened. I was just in a good mood that day. No offense. /.\

Camwhored with Michael. He's an Iban from Sarawak. =D

Later we stopped by a beach. 
As you can see, there are a lot of trash there. I don't know why the people don't keep their beach clean, i mean, it's beautiful, except for the whole stretch of rubbish! =S 

Another funny photo. XD
My friend took this pic when she asked me to look up while i was squatting down.

At night we had our dinner at a special place.
Sang some songs cuz it was the last night and we're going back the next day. 
Hugged each other, some of us even cried. Lol.

*Le me looking through the song book.

DAY 5: Hello MALAYSIA !!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

END of trip____ :]

FYI, i didn't edit the pics, so you guys may see some of my pimples, uneven skin-tone, etc .. lol /.\
Hope you guys like this blog post. =) Thx for reading !

Btw, I'm going to Singapore tomorrow for CNY. 
Will be back a week later.

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  1. ~~We do not remember days; We remember moments~~ TQ Violette dear, for sharing the memories with all the participants..... Luv u all....

    -abg Bodyguard-


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