My CNY - Universal Studios ♥

January 28, 2012

Went to Singapore for CNY. Felt so bored in the car that i camwhored ... with my grandma ! Lolol ...

Me and my cousin bro (from KL) went to Universal Studios Singapore. One word. AWESOME !!!!!! I love everything inside that fake world. Especially the Transformers Ride in 3D. Damn cool weyh ! XD It's like you are inside the real battle ~ haha, too bad i can't videotape it T.T

Optimus Prime !
This 1 is just a model, can't move de -,- haha

Bumblebee + my cousin
( he said his workout session paid off cuz he looks slim in this pic. Lol )

''Lights, Camera, Action!'' was nice. They showed us how sounds and special effects work in movies.
The empty stage became the setting for a BIG hurricane. Felt the wind and fire.. so real.
Right before our eyes !

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN (Red Track)
We sat this roller coaster zooming at 82.8km/h.
Siao de ! So damn scary. We sat the most front sumore, wtf.
My cousin bought the pic. Sorry, i can't show it on my blog cuz i looked wayyy too hideous. -,-

Ancient Egypt.

Lunch @The Lost World. Food court.

We went to Far Far Away. lolol

See the castle? We went inside to watch Shrek 4D.

Queuing up for Shrek 4D
Regretted for not buying Universal Express. The line was very long. = =

My cousin's chok look.

Pigs wanted. XD

Shrek 4D was awesome too.
Water splashed at us whenever the stupid donkey sneezes. =3=

Frankenstein !!! Look at my terrified smile .. Lol.

Seriously idk who the heck is this guy.
He is supposed to be Frankenstein's helper i think, Igor.
But he doesn't have a hunched back. So .. ?_?

Walk walk walk, play play play.
Then went to get a taxi back to Clementi Park Condo just in time before 团圆饭
Haha !

Will update about my stay in Singapore later.

Happy Chinese New Year everybody !!!

Hope i'm not too late. Lol /.\

Bye. =3

Oh ya, he played the piano. For me. XD 
Chopin Nocturne op.9 no.2 leh ~
Just a snippet of the full song. ^^


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