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April 29, 2012

'KMK' stands for 'Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah'
Yup.. i got matriculation .. 
in KEDAH !!! - -

It's like one whole year in jail, lol
but i'll get the benefit of it, so i'm going ;)


Did a LeeHom song cover on Wednesday.
You can watch the video on youtube: CLICK ME !


Watch right here:

Thanks for all the nice comments 
I didn't get bad comments though .. maybe not yet gua xD
I even got a few request to do more covers
Imma post more videos before going to Kedah.


Went out yesterday with Sean and Catherine
Dropped by Parkson @Melaka Mall
There was stock clearance sale, so we went to kepo .. but i didn't find anything worth me buying -.-

They both bought some stuff.
We went to the customer service counter to redeem gifts
And guess what, i spotted a fairly familiar person in a photo on the bulletin board ..
Puan R. Mageswari !
Our beloved secondary English teacher won an iPad2 !!!

"Barangan Wanita dan Beg Bagasi" .. LOL !
Now i know where she does her shopping XDD

Then we went DP :)

ShareTea- Wanna share my tea?

 Idk why i just won't look good in singlets =/

He bought formal clothes for matrics. Looking good .. the pants doesn't match though =P

Got a terrible foot cramp while shopping.
Walao eh, can't walk.. =S
Luckily the cramp went away after a few minutes of resting.

@Jonker Walk

Smelly Toufu ! Wasn't smelly for me. Dunno why some people can't take it :/

Ice cream sorbet !

We ate other stuff too la, but no time wan take pic, lol

Enjoyed my day =]

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