1st week in kolej matrikulasi kedah

June 3, 2012

Hey peeps !
I'm in Kedah now.
Malaysia punya rice bowl.
Seriously homesick.

Still not used to the life here ..
So many rules to follow.
So many stuff to do.
So little time.

We registered on the first day.
Then checked in into the hostel.
Then proceeded with orientation for 5 days.

In Kedah, Sunday is a working day.
So we'll have classes 8am-5pm from Sunday to Thursday every week.
I got Science Module One.
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths.

Wanna see my room ?
Blok B2 Tingkat 1 Bilik 7
4 person in a room 
3 Malays and 1 Chinese/Indian
1Malaysia much?

Baju kurung is a must during classes

Orientation week was damn tiring.
Waking up at 4am, senaman pagi, taklimat mentor mentee/ taklimat bersama felo/ taklimat bla bla bla..
till midnight.
Sometimes even later.
Super tired la the last few days.
= =''

Senam robik session

Me & Christine camwhoring during exercise. Lol. Lucky didn't kena scolding xD

There are more than 2k students here.
Malay girls are the majority.
Only 200++ non-bumi students.

People mountain people sea

The campus is HUGE !

 The only plus side is we get free wifi.
The down side is FB and other social networking sites get blocked from 8am to 5pm.
The down-er side (lol, is that even a word?) is my room too far from hotspot!
So i needa bring my lappy to another person's room to access the Internet.

A weird rule is that our college is against dating.
And they mean it seriously.
There're posters, banners, etc.. about saying 'no' to dating all over the college.
Girls can't even walk at the passageway beside the boys' hostel.
I think later they will put up a border stating 'boys not allowed beyond this area' or vice versa.
lol ! All of us were like 'zzzz, wtf is this?'

I only had fun during the non-bumi gathering.
There were non-bumi facilitators (who were also our seniors) there to help us.
We played many games and got to know each other.
They gave us sufficient info about almost everything.
Koku, lectures, tutorials, how to survive here, bla bla bla...

I really thank the facilitators a lot.
I was lost at first, crying every night and saying all those cheesy stuff lol
But they made me strong.
They made all of us strong.

Our lovely facilitators

We gave them a card to show our appreciation.
Card giving ceremony, lol.

Took a pic with them before they went back.
谢谢有你们 :)


The orientation week ended on Thursday.
We were allowed to balik kampung.
I wanted to.
But tell me how?
Melaka veli veli farrr :'(

So my friends and I went to Jitra for fun yesterday.
It took about 20mins from our college.

We went there and saw this↓ 
Tutti Frutti Jitra grand opening.
50% discount.

We were among the first.
So we got our frozen yogurt quite fast =P

Later the line was damn long weyh !
Some people came all the way from Alor Setar just to get this.
Line long dragon


Then we went into Jitra Mall.
Another big disappointment.
But at least better than the C-Mart Shopping Centre near my college.

Pizza Hut for lunch.
No place to plug in my charger for my lappy.
So only Christine get to use her laptop cuz her batt fully charged.


I still don't like it here.
But i'll get used to it.
I hope.

A good friend will always be there for you no matter what.
Thanks Christine, ily.

I'll return to Melaka in August.
See you guys then !
Don't forget me.



  1. 哈哈

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  3. I'm a 2014 spm leaver and got selected to enter kolej matrikulasi Kedah so I wanna know, before the day of registration,what I should do as preparation, and if there's any notification letter sent to us. Please help with my doubt here..your help is appreciated so much..

    1. There was a letter sent to me during my time and everything will be stated inside the letter so no worries :) Have a good time in KMK :) It's only a year so cherish the moment there

  4. Hello, may I know where u buy yr baju kurung?

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