Langkawi Trip

September 28, 2012

Hey there!

Before reading further, I needa warn you that… 
this post is gonna be spammed with loads of pics,
so brace yourselves for the endless chio-ness of me. Lol :目

I went to Langkawi with my college friends, around 37 in all.
3 days 2 nights. (14-16 Sept)



We took a ferry from Kuala Perlis on Thursday morning.
The port was crowded with people,
all wanting to spend their holiday in Langkawi cuz of the coming Malaysia Day.

Took about 20mins.
Finally we arrived in Langkawi Island !


Upon reaching, first things first...
Lol, I know what you’re thinking.
Visiting Langkawi not to eat its local delicacies but McD ?
Err… yeap. =P

That’s cuz we don’t get to eat McD’s while in college you see…
On top of that, we all lurveee McD.
Haha. Be understanding abit la ...

Us waiting patiently till noon for McValue Lunch.

After lunch.
Went to put our luggage in the apartment.

Nice kitchen.

Look what we saw near our apartment. Red car!
lol, idk what car model this is actually.
The boys just went crazy over it, idk why.

After that, we visited the Underwater World.

Gray took this pic from reflection of window.

Flamingos !

Otters ! 

African penguin !

Sea urchin !

Pink sea cucumber !

Reticulate whimpray !

Lionfish !

Later we went to buy chocolates and candy and beer !
Duty-free babehh.
(Langkawi is a duty-free island, fyi)

Zhao Wei holding big lollipop.

Then, some of us went to a bird park.
I didn’t go in though.
I just waited outside with other friends, taking random pics to pass time. Hah.

Zhao Wei said i look like Vietnamese. zzzzz

See i fa hiao. Pose till liddat. XD

Me and Christine.

Dinner was awesome.
We booked 4 tables in a Chinese Seafood Restaurant.
Seafood!!! (¯﹃¯)
Too bad I sat with all the heavy eaters.
Didn’t have enough to eat! TT *sobs*

Zhao Wei practically cleaned every drop of gravy. 

While Chun Wei cleaned the fish bones.

At night, Zhao Wei got all drunk and crapped like a mad man.
Jogging during midnight, getting into the bath tub, slapping himself… lol!
The stuff he said and did were seriously dumb but so effing funny at the same time! XD

We laughed at his drunkenness but actually it turned out that he was just acting. -_-
Only his best friends could see that he was just putting up an act.
Lololol. We all got punked ! zzzz

That ends Day 1.



A big thanks to Wei Kai and Choo for cooking breakfast for all of us J
Spaghetti + hotdogs + cheese + eggs
Nyom nyom nyom :3

Later we made our way to Kilim Geoforest Park.

Group pic before getting into our boats.

We went from island to island on a speedboat.
It’s called ‘island hopping’ if I’m not mistaken.

Was so damn fun cuz we told our driver to race with the other boats! Lolol.
Childish much? xD

One of the island has a bat cave.
We weren't allowed to make noises while inside the cave
to prevent from disturbing the tiny, scary, but yet so lovely creatures.
Flashes were also forbidden so... no pics for you guys :P

Before going in.

On the way out.
I look like I'm having a seizure, wtf

Next was a fish hatchery. See our astonished faces.

Weird sea creatures.

Group pic again. =)

Later, we went to Oriental Village.
Wanted to go on a cable car but weather was bad.
The rain came and went a few times and the line was amazingly long.
= =

So in the end some of us passed.
I went around the place window shopping instead.

On the way to the beach, eleven of us faced a tinnsy winsy problem.
So some of us ended up in the police station. Hahaha.
Great experience man. =D

Due to the tiny accident, we were late.
So we didn’t get to take breathtaking pics at the beach during sunset.
But our other friends did! So xian mu them … T_____T

Back in apartment... Steamboat! :DD

Gray got sunburned.. kesian him :(



Not many pics for Day 3 cuz all of us were exhausted.

In summary,
Returned those rented cars.
Rushed to board ferry on time.
Took bus back to college.

That ended my trip to Langkawi.

Back to books and quizzes and singing lessons and exams. 

Adios amigos~~~
*for now*


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