Merdeka Countdown+ Pesta Tanglung+ Christine's Birthday ❤

September 13, 2012

Hey there ! It's September already !!!
And trust me, I'm having a fun time.

Here are few updates for the beginning of September :
(okay la, maybe alot of updates ...)

1. MERDEKA COUNTDOWN (30th August 2012)

Received a call from a lecturer asking me to sing for national day a few weeks back.
So i had been practicing this Siti Nurhaliza song for quite some time.
(horrible horrible song btw ... idk how some people find it nice)

Lecturer told me to wear a Punjabi suit for a 1Malaysia effect, lol
So yea, here i am in a green Punjabi suit ↓

Got leng bo ? lol

Took some pics with the Nasyid gang backstage before my performance.

Took pics with Ting Ying & Wan Pei

My performance was great.
Err, not to be arrogant or anything ... 
but i seriously think my performance was superb :O
Lolol. (Super duper bu-yao-lian person here.)

Well, at least the pengarah of my college clapped for me.
(nahhh, li hai bu li hai ? =P)

At nearly 12am, the whole college had a Merdeka countdown together.
We went to the field to watch the fireworks cuz we heard rumors that the fireworks display would be grand.
We waited like forever with our camera turned on but all we got was just a few specs of 'booms' far far away.

Then suddenly it sounded as if we were in a battlefield.
Fires and explosions everywhere !
We were just a few metres away from the fireworks.
Damn scary man !!!!!! O___O
But what a great view it was.
Never had any experience like this before.

2. Pesta Tanglung + Christine's Birthday (8th September 2012)

Christine is my best friend.
So it's kind of my responsibility to plan a birthday celebration for her here in college.
Oh ya btw, her birthday is actually on 9th September.

Here in my college, it's kinda like a tradition for us to have a Mid Autumn Festival every year.
Just to continue the legacy. lol, nolahh... we just wanna bring close our relationships =)

We held a carnival and cultural night.
For the carnival, we sold coupons to our friends, 
mainly to bumiputeras, hoping they would come and support us.
*claps hands*

We were damn greatful that they came...
even tho it rained.
We were actually surprised so many of them turned up for the mini games.
Well, at least we know we rock XD haha

Some of the pics taken during preparation for the carnival:


Xiang Hua's balloon the smallest! Haha

My card ↓ :目

Calligraphy of me and Christine's name.

Photobombed by Chunwei.

 Photobombed by Chunwei (again).

Photobombed by Chunwei another time... zzz ==

 Chang Er makeover.

 Traditional cosplay. lol

Gray shooting paper cups with rubber bands.

Tien Xiang and his pomelo hibiscus head.

JJ the pomelo-selling mannequin.

At night, while preparing for performances,
we gave a surprise to the 2 birthday girls and 1 birthday boy.
Hahaha. Cakes !!!

 Happy birthday my dear friend - Christine !!! 

Me and her ❤

I performed a few songs with my band members and other singers.
We were the opening ceremony.
And we did a great performance !
I saw the pengarah clapped with joy for the second time cuz our performance too good liao.
Forgive me for being bu yao lian again XD haha
Actually our band was great cuz of Ja Sin's drumming skills.
She runs the night!

Band mates !

Band mates - serious look

Band mates - 'rocker' look

Band mate - Gray

Here are some pics of me with friends:

Three beautiful hosts for the night (¯﹃¯)... ❤

Brenda !

Xin Wei !
Again photobombed by Chunwei aka The Devil =.=

 Xiang Hua !

Had a great great great great great fun that night !
We were all in this together- from the beginning to the end.
I'll never forget the moments with all my KMK friends.
*tears* :')

A big thanks to Choo and Ah Bird.
They were the ones who made this happen.
Arigato !!!


I'm going to Pulau Langkawi with friends tomorrow.
3 days 2 nights trip.
Gonna buy all the chocolates and wines there.
Imma eat and drink for the whole weekend !
Duty free babehh !!!

Bye peeps.
Thanks for reading.

p/s I got straight A's in my mid-semester exam.
Hehe. Time to celebrateeeee !!! !!! !!!

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