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November 19, 2012

Hey hey.
So as stated in my previous post, i came back to Melaka !
but for only 4 days TT

The bus journey from Changlun to Melaka was so very time-consuming.
9 hours !!! wtf. Sit dao pigu tong ! lol
We left around 6pm and reached around 3am the next morning.

I reached home and found out that my dad haven't slept cuz he was waiting for me.
Awww... he misses his baby girl so much. xD
Then i unpacked and he went to sleep while my mum woke up.
Seemed like they were taking shifts. lol

After unpacking, i proceeded to my parcels, which were earnestly waiting for me to tear them.
I ordered some stuff online while i was still in college and they finally arrived.
*super excited*
They arrived just in time for me to get them before returning to college.

Stuff ordered online. (Please ignore the fugly bed sheet)

As we all know, there are risks when buying stuff online.
Eg: The color isn't as striking as in the pictures, too big, too small, etc.
So yea... some of the clothes i ordered were a little big for me. fml.
But most of them were super chio ! :D


Went out with Zhi Qiong the next day.
Super long time never get to see her ady! Damn miss her!!!
She's still the same old her. Forever so funny and cheerful. Hah XD
Super regretted cuz i didn't take pics with her...
Idk why i totally forgotten about it. fml.

We went to watch My Dog Dou Dou together with her friend Sze Xhin

Quite a nice movie. But i don't really like it much tho..

Camho #1

Camho #2

 Camho #3

Camho #4

See how a typical girl can take so many selca pics and doesn't get bored?
Amazing huh?

Saw Huei Min working @Polo
I went into the shop and she kept staring at me blankly.
Finally she cried out my name.
"VIOLETTE !!! !!! !!!"
lol. I can't believe she couldn't recognize me at first. 

Later met up with Ham @Shilin
Around 30mins nia then he needa go ady.
So later i spent some time with myself. lol

Supposed to watch Skyfall.
Then this Aaron was late.

Then i ditched Aaron and went to eat Tong Pak Fu with Zhi Qiong & Sze Xhin
Sorry Aaron ^^v .. hahaha
Maybe another time.
-> Feb 2013

Tong Pak Fu @DP just opened a few days after i went back to college the last time.
So this was my first time trying.

I ordered D02
Chilled Mango Sago Creme with Pomelo and Mango Ice Cream

Somebody once told me the ice cream was nice cuz it was very 'smooth'. lol
Idk what it really meant by the word 'smooth' tho.
The ice cream was okay to me.
Nice ! =)


On Tuesday i went to KL to meet up with Pheen Chern.
Her dad fetched me to her college and we went out together.

We went to Kinokuniya bookstore @klcc

She took me to the Japanese books section and showed me all kinds of Japanese stuff.
She is learning Japanese now cuz she'll be furthering her studies in Japan soon.
So proud of her :)

Saw these books at the "Family & Relationships" section. Epic titles are epic.

I grabbed a book about breakups.
"It's Called a BREAKUP Because It's BROKEN"

Got 20% discount. ^^v

The books is super awesome !!!
Here's just a snippet of it:

'Part 1
The Breakup
(Or, How the Hell Did a Kick-Ass Lady Like Myself End Up in This Agonizing Nightmare?)

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! F#*k, it hurts. It's rocking the very core of your being. You never saw it coming. You knew this was going to happen. You were going to do it first. You only broke it off with him before he broke it off with you. You guys were supposed to be together forever. You never liked him that much anyway. He was such a great kisser. The sex wasn't that great. You really liked his family. He hated your friends. You hated his shoes. You miss him soooooo much. There's no doubts about it- breakups suck. And now here you are holding this stupid "Breakup Book" because, quite honestly, you'd do anything to not feel like this and maybe this book will shed some light on what you're going through. Maybe you'll get some sleep tonight. Or stop sleeping all the time.'

This book even tells you to sell his stuff on e-Bay, 
throw out his clothes, learn the art of premeditated coincidence... etc.
I think imma like this book very much.

After that, we window shopped around the area.

Louis Vuitton 

I'm not that fat. My jacket is big. That's all.

Gong Cha is much better than Chatime.

Happy kid with Gong Cha taking pic with klcc elevator. wtf.

At night we rushed back to Melaka to attend our Form5 gathering @WaZen Japanese Restaurant
Had so much fun. Talking loudly in the restaurant like nobody's business.
The waiter was sarcastic to the max tho.
Yay we are 'primary school kids'. =D

Lol. See Yi Ting's "y u no" face. XD

Ze boyz.



Went to Ragini's house for Deepvali.

Finally got to see Chloe after so many months!
I never got to see her since the day she left for America.
She told about her life there. Ups and downs at times.
Anyway, now she is officially back in Malaysia.

She bought all of us little souvenirs.. Awww sweet


And that ended my holiday.. TT
I went back to college that night and now I'm in jail once again.

KAKOM is going on right now.
Hope that I'll perform my best on competition day (19 Nov).
Please give me all your blessings.

Next post: KAKOM in da house !
Stay tuned.


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