KAKOM In Da House !

November 27, 2012

Karnival Kokurikulum Matrikulasi
Held in my college this year.

Contestants from other matriculation colleges stayed in my college during KAKOM week.
My room was allocated for boys. Urgh. Dirty boys. fml.
While i was placed in another room with all my fellow team mates from Kedah.
Was lucky cuz the room that i stayed in was my friend's room.
So i got an extra set of room keys from her.

I represented my college in the singing competition.
Others were all sports.
Mine was the only exception. wtf.

Was effing exhausted during KAKOM week.
Meetings held three times a day.
6.30am, 4.30pm and 9.30pm.
Cheered. Sang. Rushed. And get scolded.

Stuff i got for free cuz i was a contestant.


Waving flags? ==

Big KAKOM balloon.

Camho in room.


Camho while meeting. wtf.

During Jamuan Mesra

Opening ceremony.
See. The track top they gave was way too big for me. 


Ish i look like a lilttle kid.

Some pics...

Those sukarelawan super kelian. They said they were 'rela' but not 'suka'.
If you know what i mean. lol.

 Singing practice held in gym.
(Secret place for my team. shh.)

Competition day.

I did well i guess. Didn't win tho.
Others were so very geng!  They've got good voices.
Anyway, here is a video recording of my performance.

Congrats to XinWei !!! 
She won 2 gold medals for us.
Tennis ladies singles and doubles.

Sorry for this lazy post.
I'm so tired now.
Needa sleep soon.

Btw, here's my address:
B2 T1.7
Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia
06010 Changlun, Kedah.

*hint hint*

k thx bye

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