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November 9, 2012

Haven't blog for a month already.
Here are some updates on what I've been up to :

1) Singing Practice

Been singing and singing and singing for almost 3 months.
Frankly, i'm already kinda bored of the song that i'm gonna sing.
Singing the same song everyday for 3 months...
Like duh? Who doesn't get sick of it? @@

Oh well, i still need to sing the song on competition day anyway.
So i think i'd better buck up and stop being all whiny.
Fyi, i'm gonna sing 'Terlalu Mencintaimu' by a local celeb Suki Low.
The song is mainly about heartbreak, pain, hurt... and all those bad feelings.
"Why did you leave me?"
"Haven't you hurt me enough?" 
bla bla bla. You get the idea.

Madam Arfizah, my coach, said i'm still lacking facial expressions. 
She also added that i always look stiff and awkward on stage. fml.
Haizzzz... What to do? I'm naturally smiley-faced one. Cannot fake sad lah! lol

Oh and by the way, she once brought me to a music center here in Changlun, Kedah for vocal classes.
Apparently, that music center is owned by Daniel Lee's sister!
And Daniel Lee used to teach music here too!
I can see framed pics of him hanging on walls and his albums are placed on racks for show.
The music center is called 'Jamboree Music Academy'.
(Fyi, Daniel Lee is from Changlun, Kedah.)

(I bought a white flower wreath so that i can wear during competition day :P)

2) KAKOM Motivation Camp

KAKOM stands for 'Karnival Kokurikulum Matrikulasi'.
It's an inter-matriculation college competition and this year my college is the host!
Students who get selected to be a KAKOM player get very high co-curriculum marks.
We need this kind of marks so badly cuz it's the extra 'bling' on the passport to enter a prestigious uni.
(The 'passport' here refers to 4 flats.)

Actually, this competition is mostly towards sports. 
And fyi, I suck at sports. Really really suck at it. fml
But! I'm in the team!
Why? Cuz i'm taking part in the singing competition.
And yes, that's the only competition in KAKOM which is not a sport.
=.= fml

Below are some pics of the motivation camp my team went for.
It's held in Dusun Minda Resort, Kuala Nerang.

Jungle trekking.

At the peak.

On the way down.

Pei Ying.

Sin Jor.

 Having supper with Sin Jor & Zhao Wei.

Lucky it's just a 2day1night camp.
Or not i'll rather die. lol.

The plus side is that finally our KAKOM team gained team spirit.
We made up our own cheer and song.
Everybody enjoyed.

3) Penang 'Study' Trip

We had a few days of holiday before our end semester exam.
Our college doesn't want us to stay in our hostels during this period so we are all required to go back home.
We knew we won't be able to study for the coming exam if we went back home cuz of all those distractions.
So, we went to Christine's aunty's house in Butterworth.

Our plan didn't quite turn out well though.
We were distracted by internet, kids and food. lol
Our books were opened but our minds were wandering.


Me and TeckMin.

Bak Kut Teh #1

Bak Kut Teh #2

Late night steamboat.

Something happened during our stay there that really got onto my nerves.
Now only i know you are full of lies.
Good. Thumbs up for you, liar.
Luckily you didn't get to ruin my friendship with her. Or else! (#‵′)

4) KAKOM Flag-Giving Ceremony

The flag-giving ceremony.
Held last Wednesday morning.

KAKOM players running.

Inspection. Or whatever you call it.

 Athlete oath.

PPHEP waving the flag.

Me performing for the ceremony.

  Mascots. You guessed chickens?
Nope. Eagles. =.=

Mascot gets bullied.

Cheer #1

Cheer #2

 Cheer #3

*shakes hands*

KAKOM contingent ! A total of 143 players.

 Find me inside. lol

5) PSPM and MUET

Peperiksaan Semester Program Matrikulasi (PSPM)
Malaysian University English Test (MUET)

PSPM and MUET(speaking ) are over!

MUET(listenning, reading, writing) will be held tomorrow.
Wish myself all the best!


I'm going back home tomorrow ! After the MUET exam =P
MELAKA !!! !!! !!!


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