Hotcakes !

February 5, 2013

Hello loves! My mid-semester exam just ended and I’m back in Melaka for 2 weeks! Yay!!

Our exam ended on 31st Jan but our flight was supposed to be the next morning. So I and a few friends had to stay one more day in our college. Was super freaky at night cuz the whole college was empty and quiet. The only good thing was that the internet speed was so friggin fast! 

Anyway, I survived staying alone in my room. And the flight to LCCT the next day. (I would say taxi and bus journey too but those weren’t risky enough?)

Went to mcd for breakfast. Hotcakes !!! Round, tan, fluffy, warm goodness. Haha. I just lurve them sho much! :D

Err... I know people say ‘pictures speak a thousand words’ but for my case... The butter looked like an egg yolk and the syrup seemed diluted. Fml =/ I’m not professional in snapping food. I have other talents. Haha. So please, allow me to describe those hotcakes in the most descriptive, beautiful, enticing and mouth-watering way possible for you guys.

"The butter melted on the pieces of heaven. After slathering the steaming treat with syrup, I cut off a bite and lifted it towards my mouth.

Pure bliss.

The first flavor to unfold on my tongue was the sweetness of the syrup that oozed out of the pancakes on my bite, quickly followed by the delicate, buttery taste. The coolness of the syrup and the heat of the pancake complemented one another perfectly and only served to bring out the subtle flavor of the pancake itself. I scooped up another bite to replace the one which was quickly dissolving in my mouth, and then another, and another... Before I knew it, all that remained on my plate was dribbles of syrup."

Lol I think I’m qualified to be a food blogger already. Haha. Really lah… Super delicious one I won’t bluff you guys. Hehe =P

Anyway, I got back home safely and had already spent a few days with my loved ones! ^^

That’s all for now. Will update on my life soon. Toodles! 

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