Well Spent CNY Holidays 1

February 7, 2013


Went to Nando’s | Jusco Ayer Keroh for lunch after church service last Sunday.

I offered to treat my parents so they were happy today. XD



The food came quite late. Waited around 40mins like that. We waited till we 发霉. Lol
But it was worth the wait!
The Peri Peri Chicken roasted with mild sauce was delicious! 
And those were my parent’s opinion :D

Cuz they usually say stuff like, ‘So expensive!’ ‘So small portion!’ ‘The taste too salty/sweet/sour/bitter!’
It was a surprise that they actually gave good comments about the food.

The next day, Aaron fetched me out.
We hanged out with his friends. Around 12 of them I think.
All of them were just set free from exam mode. Haha.

Joined them for YuSheng @SushiKing|Aeon Bandaraya Melaka.
Again, the real thing doesn't look as good as the illustrations in the menu.
I don’t think it lives up to its cost :/
The flour crisps looked like fried rice. #phailed

Anyhow, it was fun seeing them laugh and cheer and saying auspicious(and funny) wishes while tossing the YuSheng.
There were so many of us that some just stood behind their friends and just squeezed their pair of chopsticks in between the gaps to toss the YuSheng. XD
 Well, the more the merrier right? :P

After that we watched Parker. The movie was kinda too bloody for me… /.\

The guy collecting the movie tickets demanded for my IC on our way in.
wtf I still don’t look like 18 meh? ==

Had my usual Chilled Sago Mango Crème with Pomelo and Mango Ice-cream(phew the name is long!)
@TongPakFu|Dataran Pahlawan
Sorry no pic for this.
I didn’t wanna look like a typical girl-with-smartphone-who-takes-pics-of-food-before-every-meal in front of his friends. Haha.

Later I met up with my own friends! Yay!
We had a karaoke session at DreamBox | Dataran Pahlawan.
Not many pics for this too.
Idk why I’m just so lazy to take pics that day.

That’s all. Bye!

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