22 Facts About Meeeee

March 12, 2013

1) I've this habit of playing with my hair all the time. I love to feel its smoothness!

2) I cool down as fast as I get mad; Like I can be so pissed off at one moment and literally get over it after 2 minutes as long as I rant it out.

3) I laugh really really really easily.

4) I love sweet food. Give me candy and you made my day.

5) I have no talents for sports. NONE. I suck at all of them. fml

6) I love singing as it expresses feelings and personal emotions.

7) Although I’m probably notorious for how fast I can forget things in a split second, I can remember things that took place years back. Every memory remains clearly etched in my brain.

8) I take both compliments and criticism to heart, especially words from someone I care about.

9) I’m easily motivated to do stuff. So I have tons of new ideas to keep myself busy with.

10) When I was little, my ambition was to become a famous popstar…..
 But then my dad told me, “People only become singers because they don’t know how to study!” lollll.

So now I wish to become an orthodontist. The first step is to obtain a degree in Dental Surgery in University of Malaya. *Fingers crossed*

11) I had my first crush in pre-school. Yes, judge me for all you want but I'm a little boy-crazy. :p

12) I find insects amusing. Say I’m weird by all means but I really feel amazed by the way insects crawl. I feel the urge to ‘kacau’ them like making mini thunder storms by blowing and sprinkling water. Seeing them scurry is just so entertaining. :DD

13) I make an extra effort to dress up nicely almost every time I go out, putting on makeup and stuff. But the truth is when I’m at home, I actually look really terrible. Messy hair, nerdy glasses, oversized t-shirt…  /_\

14) Usually when I'm quiet, there are only three possible reasons to it:
a) I'm observing everything that's happening around me.
B) I'm worried about something.
c) I’m daydreaming.

15) When I make eye contact with a person, it usually means that I’m comfortable with him/her.

16) I’m afraid of trouble. So I’ll do anything to minimize problems and stay out of them.

17) I am the only child. But I wish had I an elder brother.

18) I’m kinda selfish too… maybe cuz I’m the only child?

19) I'm really impulsive and there are a lot of things that I do without even sparing an extra minute to give a second thought to, especially when it comes to shopping. I've lost count of the number of things that I bought which I barely touched after the first time.

20) I'm good at planning. Making ‘TO DO’ lists and shopping lists, arranging my itinerary, scheduling my time properly ….. etc etc etc. I need to make sure everything is in place.

21) I can be very determined to get what I want, especially at times when I have great confidence in myself. And usually when a brilliant (or somewhat I see as ‘high potential it’ll work’) plan is going on in my mind, I’ll keep it to myself.

22) I’m a calm person. But I’ll be quite stressed out sometimes when life doesn't seem to go the way I plan it to.

That’s all for now. Bye!

Thanks for sparing time reading this.

Love y’all !!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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