MALACCA Food Hunt (Part 2)

June 30, 2013

Yo readers! Sorry for the hiatus.
But I’m finally back with Part 2 :D
If you missed Part 1, you can read it here:


兴隆台湾面馆 Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodles

More than 30 years of history.
Serves irresistible pork rib noodles, spicy beef noodles and more.

You can be sure that their Taiwanese noodles are authentic cuz the owner is from Taiwan.
With their own top secret recipe, no other shop is able to snatch their business away from them ;)

Pork Rib Noodles 排骨面

I forgot how much is the price but I can assure you that it’s reasonable.
Only thing is, if you’re a small eater, don’t opt for the big bowl.
Cuz you’ll end up wasting food. Like me(us, to be exact).
Even though the price is only of 50cents difference, regular should be enough.
Don’t be greedy like us. lol

The noodles tasted fresh cuz they’re made daily.
It’s the 板面(Pan Mee) kind of noodles btw.
The fried pork ribs are tasty too.

You'll feel warm and sweaty when you’re eating the noodles.
Mainly cuz it’s hot soup. #废话
Plus, the shop is kinda stuffy cuz they prepare the food outside and not in the kitchen.

One more thing, try to visit the shop on a weekday cuz like other famous coffee shops in Malacca,
it can be packed with customers during weekends and public holidays.

Address: 兴隆台湾面馆Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodles
              11-J, Jalan Bachang, 75350, Melaka

Telephone: +606 2842529

Business hours: 7.30am- 6.00pm
(Closed every 2th week and 4th week of Thursday)


Klebang Original Coconut Shake

Klebang Coconut Shake is the hottest drink in Malacca nowadays.
The shop is located next to the Caltex Petrol Station along the main road. 
For takeaways, customers need to line up at the outside stall to order.
While for dine-in, you can proceed to the shop inside.

Why do they emphasize the word 'original'?
It is because they are the first one to start this business
and now there are people trying to copy and sell the same drink nearby.
I’ve tried other fake ‘Klebang Coconut Shake’ and they don’t taste as good as the original one.

Immediately after we found a table to sit down,
the waiter was there to ask how many glasses of Coconut Shake we want.
The service is very, very, very fast.

Klebang Original Coconut Shake (Special) RM2.20
Concoction of ice, ice-cream, coconut drink and coconut flesh.

The taste is not too sweet along with the nice fragrance of the coconut drink and some flesh.
The difference between ‘Special’ and ‘Regular’ is a scoop of Wall’s vanilla ice cream.
I’ll recommend the ‘Special’ one. Nobody orders ‘Regular’.

This "coconut chopper" usually needs to open and process at least 500 coconuts to meet the daily requirement.

Photo credit to Google.

As you can see from their menu, the prices for takeaways are more expensive.
The plastic cups for takeaways are smaller too, compared those dine in glasses.
I’ll recommend dining in ;)

Address : Klebang Original Coconut Shake
                 Jalan Klebang Besar, 75200 Melaka (next to Caltex Petrol Station)

Contact: +6013 399 4061

Business hours: 12.30pm-6.30pm daily (Friday: 2pm-6.30pm)


Capitol Satay Celup

There are many satay celup shops in Melaka,
but Capitol Satay Celup at Lorong Bukit Cina
and Ban Lee Siang (万里香) at Jalan Ong Kim Wee are the 2 most talk-about ones.

However, Capitol Satay Celup has been in the satay celup business since the mid-1950's.
They are the pioneer, the origin of satay celup in Malacca.

Satay celup is like lok lok and steamboat, except that the sauce is different.
Instead of a boiling pot of soup,
satay celup is cooked by dipping sticks of raw foods into a boiling pot of aromatically rich peanut sauce.

We arrived early to beat the crowd, as always.
Lucky us. We got the last table.
After sitting down, we could already see people starting to form a line,
waiting for their turn to be seated.

Eating here = Order fast, Eat fast, Leave fast
Capitol Satay Celup is always full of crowds,
especially during weekends and public holidays.
Correct me if I’m wrong,
but this place has the most crowds compared to other shops and restaurants in Malacca.

Always expect to queue, even at ten at night.
Fyi, no takeaways, only dine in. No bookings too.
Le long queue. Photo credit to

RM0.80 per stick.
Food is refrigerated to maintain freshness.

The waitress will consistently blend the sauce with sufficient amount of savors and peanuts.
They make sure that the sauce stays at the satisfying level of thickness throughout our meal.
The pot of sauce is replaced for each new customer on table.
However, I suspect that they recycle the sauce at the kitchen.

 “Mystery gifts” will be given after you consume to a certain amount.
The waitress will distribute seafood like big prawns and scallops to you, while charging the same flat rate.
Imagine RM0.80 for a big prawn!

However, sorry to all satay celup fans…
but I personally think the satay celup is nothing special :/
But if you’re not Malaccan and would like to try this unique ‘satay celup’, go ahead.
It’s definitely worth the experience. Queuing for like an hour maybe?
Haha. It’s up to you.

Address: Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant,
                41, Lorong Bukit Cina,
                75100 Melaka, Malaysia  

Tel: +60-6-283-5508, +60-12-229-5505  

Operating hours: Daily from 5:00 pm (Closed on Monday)  

And that's all ! BYE ~~~

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