Exfo Clear Fine Gel Review + Giveaway!

July 8, 2013

Hey sweeties~ For this blogpost, I’m gonna do a review of a new beauty product and there’ll be a surprise for you guys at the end. (Hint: It’s a giveaway!) So, do be patient and read till the end ya :P

Have you guys heard of Exfo Clear Fine Gel? :D It’s a safe & gentle water-base facial exfoliant from Japan which is free from fragrance, colourant & preservatives. Suitable for all skin types(even sensitive skin!) 

It claims to gently and effectively remove blackheads, keratin plugs ( pore-clogging debris ), and old dead skin cells that contain melanin. Hence, regulates the skin’s turn-over, enhances the fairness & brightness of skin. It also enhances quick absorption of the skincare products you currently use!

Anyway, I saw this product on Exfo’s Fcebook page, and wondered, “Macam yes… This product got so effective one meh?” o.O So I got my hands on a sample of the product for me to try out.

By the way, ‘Exfo’ stands for the word of “Exfoliate”, which means to beautify skin to become healthier and fresher looking.


For this review, I’ll try Exfo Clear Fine Gel on the back of my hand.

Pump a small amount onto fingertip.

Apply on back of hand. Massage gently in circular motion.

My goodness! Look at those dead skins! O.O

How does Exfo Clean Fine Gel works?
Basically, it removes dead skins cells by reacting to skin proteins, & taking away extra amino acids. In the process, it regularizes your skin turnover rate & curbs excessive production of sebum. Eventually making skin smoother, brighter and softer!

Exfo Clear Fine Gel can be used daily~ No worries. It won’t hurt your skin as it’s mild and non-abrasive. On a side note, you may apply to other parts of your body too, for example: neck, knee, elbow, heel, underarm etc.

MORUS ALBA ROOT EXTRACT (mulberry bark extract) – it is a natural antioxidant, used for its skin lightening properties, this plant extract helps suppress melanin production to reduce skin discoloration and under eye dark circle.

SODIUM HYALURONATE ( hyaluronic acid ) – due to its excellent water binding properties, it could retain water gives immediate smoothness to rough skin surfaces and significantly improve skin appearance.

HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN – function as a texture conditioner and moisturizer.

GLYCOSPINGOLIPIDS – This  rice-based lipids are similar to the skin’s natural lipids. They hydrate, provide moisture retention capabilities and strengthen skin’s natural barrier.

What I Like:
No colourant and preservatives
Removes dead skin cells & impurities effectively
Brightens dull complexion
Helps skin regenerate itself
Change dark rough skin to smooth skin
Enhances quick absorption of skin care products

What I Dislike:
No fragrance (lol I know artificial fragrance is not good, but I still like fragrances anyway >< haha)
Some fine particles still stay on your skin

Overall, this is a great product! It's so obvious that my skin became smoother and much fairer. Bye bye to those dead skins~~ (Exfo Clear Fine Gel is launched 20 years ago in Japan, but only brought in to Malaysia this year. I feel so outdated T.T *sobs*)

Exfo Clear Fine Gel (100ml) is selling at RM69 per bottle.
It can be purchased from www.exfo.com.my and www.chickyfinds.sto.my
For more info, do visit their Facebook page:


Now here's the good news for all of you out there! Exfo is kind enough to sponsor me with 5 packs of Exfo Clear Fine Gel sample only for my readers! FIVE of my readers will get to win a pack of sample each!!!!! :DD 

YAY MY FIRST GIVEAWAY !!! *pops confetti*

How to enter this giveaway?
1. Complete as many entries as possible on the app below.
2. Then, leave a comment on this blog post saying "I want to win Exfo Clear Fine Gel from xinhui-baby.blogspot.com!" along with your email address.

That's all~ Simple right? Whatchu waitin' for? The winner might be YOU! Contest ends on 22nd July, 2013 at 11.59pm.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open to Malaysians only.
2. All entries are checked for accuracy and will be validated.
3. If your task has not been completed, your entry will not be counted and considered invalid.
    (Eg: Missing Comment)
4. Winners will be chosen at random. The more entries you complete, the higher the chances of winning.
5. Winners will be contacted by email and should respond within a week. A new winner will be chosen if you're a winner who did not complete a task.
6. Contest starts from today until 22nd July, 2013 11.59pm.

Good luck!

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