July 11, 2013

In the morning ...

"Hey dad, the UPU results will be out later around noon. But normally the government will procrastinate, so maybe tomorrow only we'll know the results. How's everything in Singapore?"

"Ahhhh~ Okay okay, so the results will be known tomorrow. Everything's fine here. You got remember to feed my fishes or not???"

lolwth my daddy cares more about his fishies.


Didn't bother to check my results cuz the government will postpone the time like usual (I thought). But then I saw statuses on Facebook around noon about friends knowing UPU results already and they were all like YAY I GOT THIS YAY I GOT THAT.

What the ... I can't believe this time the government was punctual.

After that, it was a series of chaos. 

Phone calls coming in, FB messages popping out, me sending texts to 15888 only to know that my hp is out of credit, clumsily searching for my spare hp while knocking things over, waiting for like god knows how long only to know that 15888 isn't replying me wth, searching for the website and keying in the correct details yet the stupid system says my name is not in the list.

I IZ VERY ANNOYED. VERY VERY. People kept asking me which uni and course I got but all I replied was, "I don't know la I can't seem to check" wth. Ganjiong much.

But thanks to one of my friends, who kindly checked for me, said that I got .....

Jengjengjeng ~~~ *drumroll*

I got my first choice! I was literally jumping up and down.

I double confirmed it, then posted it on Facebook.

Haha thanks for all the loves people ;)

Gonna start my life as a dental student this September. Cheers! xoxo

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