Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

July 23, 2013

Hey guys, the reason why I don't update this space often is because I was working part time.
But now I'm free at the moment. No more part time jobs!
Currently waiting for the salary of my last job to be banked in into my account. Hehe.

Gotta save up $$ before entering uni.
Then only I would have enough cash to spend in KL. Haha.
I know some of you are rich enough and don't need to work to get money.
But hey, I'm not rich. So I needa work. lol
It's not like money will fall from the sky right?
(Unless the movie "Now You See Me" is real and I happen to be in Las Vegas at the time when money fell from the sky.)
(Ok. Lame joke. I apologise.)

Anyway, I worked as a marshal for an amazing race thingy.

Family Explorace 2013
Held by Mahkota Medical Centre.
Venue: A Famosa Fort, Victoria Fountain, St. Paul's hill etc

My checkpoint was in front of the memorial building.
Thank God there was this huge billboard at that spot!
I was able to hide myself under the shade.
Or not arh, sure hot like hell one. 9am to 12am leh~
Imagine the scorching sun. @@

My job was basically just asking the teams to do a team cheer.
Give them 10 minutes to prepare, then they must present it to me.
I need to give them marks based on creativity, teamwork and props used.

Spot ugly me holding a Malaysian flag.

Some teams were damn creative.
They borrowed the trishaw's honk.
Some even took the lids of the rubbish bin to drum lol !



Overall it was a really easy job actually. I had a lot of fun!
Plus, the boss treated us Nando's after the event hehe XD
RM150 per day. Definitely a job worth working for.


Next, I worked as a P&G promoter in Mydin Jasin, Bemban Melaka.
Pantene, Rejoice, Dynamo, Downy, Ambi Pur, Oral B, Fab, Olay etc etc.

Our job is to serve customers and tell them more about our products.
And if they buy our products of RM28 and above in a single receipt, 
they're entitled a free gift and one games coupon.

With the coupon, they can either spin the wheel ...

or play Xbox 360.

Spot the ugly face of mine hahaha

RM110 per day for 4 days.
Good job. No pun intended.



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