August Update

August 14, 2013

Hello peepos.
Here are a few updates about what I have been up to.

Went out with Miin Shan that day.
Had lunch @The Windmill before our karaoke session.
Was too busy eating and chatting till I forgot to snap pictures.
So this is the pic taken in the karaoke room.
The lighting wasn't good :(

We had a fun time talking and singing hahaha
Ranted about how we love our holidays and how we are lazy to go back to studying XD
Oh well I guess this will be our last meet-up before entering uni.
All the best to you Miin Shan !
We'll hang out again someday.


Went up to KL last Wednesday.
Met my old friend Michelle Han!
It's funny how we always meet during adults' gathering.


Last Saturday.
Rushed back from KL to attend cousin sis's 10th birthday party.
Her mother made me in charge of the games.
Was freaking tired by the end of the day @@
Anyway, glad that all of the kids had fun with the games.

Sorry for the lack of words in this blog post.
Feeling lazy these few days.

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