BK Class Gathering 1.0

August 1, 2013

Last Sunday me and my BK buddies had a meet-up.
BK stands for 'Bible Knowledge' fyi.
All of us took this extra subject for SPM :)

N E R D .
Because GEEK is too mainstream.

GEEK tees are in trend nowadays.
It's like everywhere you go, there'll be always a person wearing that shirt.
I don't like it when everyone's wearing the same thing though :/
I'll have this feeling other people are wearing it better than me lol.
So I bought a NERD tee instead.

All of us met up after church for lunch.
Well, except for Dwayne.
He's forever late and forever last minute.
But he came later for the movie. Brought his gf too.

We ate at Wok Sifu @AEON Bandaraya Melaka

Charity and Ben.

Wei Nen and yours truly.

Let's do the peace sign ! lol

Ben acting cool hahaha

Wei Nen just won't stop growing. He's so freaking talllllllll :OOO

We chatted a lot.
I felt so happy to see them again!
It was ages since we hung out together.
Finally we had this chance to meet up ^^

Everyone didn't change.
Charity still likes red.
Wei Nen is still the quiet one.
And Ben is still a pervert.
hahahahaha just like old times XD

After that, we watched Pacific Rim.

Quite okay lah the movie.
Those huge monsters remind me of "Ultraman" lol

Wei Nen had to rush back to KL after our movie.
Big thank you to Charity for fetching me home! ♥
Charity, Ben and I literally walked the whole of Jusco's rooftop to find Charity's car.
While we're at it we could smell popcorn and kfc through those rooftop chimneys hahaha.

Finally we found it after.. 20 minutes maybe?
Took selfies with Charity while Ben was paying for the parking ticket.
This was the first time Charity and I really bonded.
During classes last time, we always had our heads buried into books.
Didn't have time to chat that much.

Throughout the journey, Ben kept on saying random stuff.
He can just speak/sing anything that is not in any way relevant to our conversation lolllllll

Dwayne and his gf just came for movie.
So we didn't get to take pictures with them :(

Anyway, hope that gatherings like this will be held again.
Will probably try to include the whole class next time.
Including our lovely teacher too!

N E R D Dark Blue Tee | Black Skater Skirt | Mark and Spencer's Messenger Sling Bag |
Dark Blue Converse | Studded Watch Bracelet


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