My Testimony

August 5, 2013

Pastor James asked me to share my testimony yesterday morning during Sunday service about how God has greatly blessed me and guided me in life. And thanks to my dad, who took the video, I can share it here with all of you :DD

Do remember to turn on the captions in the video for the subtitles. I did them for your convenience. Spent the whole yesterday evening typing them out while repeatedly playing and pausing the video. Damn tiring lol. Please appreciate me k. haha

It's amazing when you know God is always by your side no matter in what situation and condition you are in. He is always there and we can always call onto Him. Our problems are His problems too! =P So just submit your problems to God and leave them to him to solve it for you! Trust that He will guide you through it.

Do your best and God will do the rest. Have faith in the Lord and He will be faithful to you.

This testimony is not meant for me to show off. I'm NOTHING without the Lord.
All glory goes to Him, our ultimate provider! 

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  1. 是的,上帝会继续看顾我们,


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