Sudong Family Day 2013

August 25, 2013

This will be another working post.

Love this pic cuz it's so colourful hahaha

Sudong Family Day 2013
Date: 18th August 2013
Venue: Taman Tasik Ayer Keroh, Melaka

This time, I worked as an event coordinator with a few others.
I found this job, or rather, was offered this job by Mr Virgil.
We usually just call him "Virgil" instead of "Mr Virgil"
despite the fact that we need to respect him as our boss haha

I arrived at 7.30am on a Sunday morning.
Ikr... Sunday. 7.30am. So not normal.
Anyway, I was kinda early(or were the others late?)
So I set up my place first.

Was in charge of the Kids' Corner.

Sudong Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of the SingTel Ltd in Singapore fyi.
And it's their company's first family day event ever.

Guests were expected to be around 1200 pax.
However, rain poured down right after the event kicked off.
So in the end, not many of them turned up. Meh :/

Quite a number of guests came later on and boy were we busy !

Violet and I were both in charge of the kids.
Violet and Violette, lol

It's funny how we have the same name(as in, the same pronunciation of our names)
She is Violet while I am Violette.
Finally I met someone who has the same English name as mine! =D
Time to celebrate? Go for a drink maybe? lolol

Not that it's something special or anything la.
It's just that I personally think the name "Violette" is kinda... rare?
So when I got to know her I was like "Yay we have the same names!!!!!" haha
But I still felt kinda weird tho calling her my name.. (I mean her name. Or our name? lol)

When Violette meets Violet.

Anyway, we had fun with the kiddies XD
They were to draw something or anything on a drawing paper using the watercolours provided.
After they finished their masterpiece, they will be given a prize each.
Look at them~ So cute rightttttttt

( There were many kids but I only captured the pics of those early ones. )

Then, we saw these two:

Yayyyyyy clownsssssss !!!!!!!
And they're twisting balloonssssss !!!!!!!!
Double YAYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We coordinators went to bug them for balloons.
Like really really annoy them.
Until they got angry and gave me this look:
Beware: Evil Clowns
Joke. Joker?

Finally, after endless rounds of irking, we succeeded and got our balloons as requested!
Yeshhhh! successkid.jpeg



Evil clowns not so evil after all.

Clown art by Buffy De Clown.

Look at what we got !!!!!
Balloonssss ~~~

Violette(me), Hui Sing, Jolene, Chin Lee, Violet
and Lau (the guy with the peace sign photobombing beside/behind me)

Some of us coordinators got too free and played with the colours too.
This piece of 'art' was by Hui Sing XD

The gorgeous Anna

The weirdo Alvin

When most of the guests left, we coordinators even played the games ourselves!
Girls vs. uncles yayyyyyyy

Opps sorry. I mean boys. Haha
We had our feet fastened to the wooden plank by ropes.
The rule was to walk to the other end and back with our fellow team-mates.
The team reaches first will win.

In conclusion, this job was so fun !!!
This is why I love working for Virgil.
I mean, Mr Virgil. Sorry. Haha
He's more of like a friend than a boss.
Working for him = FUN

Till next time!

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