Working Hard, or Hardly Working 2.0

August 2, 2013

I know I said I won't work already in my previous post: Working Hard or Hardly Working?
But the next day, I went on to accept two more job offers lol.

U-Mobile Promoter
Jobscope: Selling U-Mobile starter pack
Location: Giant, Mahkota Parade
Time: 10am-10pm for 2 days
Can't disclose the salary info here cuz I signed some agreement.
But I can say the job was definitely worth it.

"Belilah U-Mobile simcard! Sangat bagus punya"

Lai~ Jiejie give you baloon~

Random handsome kid.

The two other promoters there were nice =D

Xiao Weii - Hard working. Keeps looking for jobs to fund her insurance haha.

 Kevin - Enjoys life to the max. Eats ice-cream(twice).

Overall, it's a stress-free job.
Not many people for us to interact with also.


New York Skin Solutions Promoter

Jobscope: Selling RM30 Facial Treatment package
Location: AEON Bandaraya
Time: 10am-10pm for 4 days
Salary: RM100+RM20+high commission

This is the first job that I quitted lol.
Only worked for a day.
In the end I got zero salary.

My dad was so supportive of me.
Felt so touched when he kept on trying to cheer me up.
"You sad ar? Don't sad la."
"What you want to eat? Papa buy for you."
"Don't like then don't work lor. Papa give you money."
"Why you lie down? Sad ar?"

I wasn't that sad actually and I told him I'm fine. But he thinks I'm lying.
"Don't need to pretend la. I know you sad. Or not why you lie down?"
lollllllllllllllllll -___________-

"Papa, I lie down in the car cuz I'm tired la."
Then he continued to talk about how not everyone is nice in this world and it is okay to quit etc etc etc.

The talk continued throughout the car journey.
He was the only one bla-ing until I dozed off halfway through his speech.
Then, he was like "Violette. Violette? Violette you sleep already ar?"

Then he said, "Okay okay, look on the bright side, you don't need to wake up early to work already."
*flips table x100000*

Haha. Anyway, it's good to know that I have a dad who loves me and constantly supports me.

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