Stressed Out Sunday

October 13, 2013

Life in the city is fun? Yes! Lonely? Sometimes.

Harlooooo~~~ How has your Sunday been? :D I was rather happy cuz finally there's a day in a week where I didn't have to wake up to the alarm. During weekdays I would have to wake up at 7am for classes. Urgh. And normally on Sundays I'll go to church, but this week I couldn't make it due the the holidays. So I thought I would get enough rest until noon maybe? Well, thought so. In the end I woke up rather early around 8ish. Sigh. Maybe I'm already used to getting up early my body clock got messed up.

Anyway, I started my day by feeding my brain with Anatomy and it continued for many hours already and now my brain is full with Scientific terms I'm gonna breakdown soon if I don't stop. lol. What I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of revising and now I'm taking a break so my brain decides to blog.

*Checks out previous posts* Shit I forgot to announce the giveaway winner lolllllll. So here goes...

Congratulations Vicky !!!!!!!

You have won yourself all three bracelets!
I just sent you an email so do check your inbox~~~

Frankly, I think Avril did a great job. She tweeted almost everyday about the giveaway hence won herself many extra entries. I was kinda surprised she wasn't the winner... ): lol (Fyi, I do not choose the winner personally. I'm using Random Chooser so that it would be fair to everyone) Nevertheless, Avril, if you're reading this post, just to let you know that you'll be one of the winners for my next giveaway. That means I'll automatically mail you the prize without you needing to participate! Thanks for being so actively taking part in my last giveaway =D

I guess that's all for this post. Gotta feed myself Anatomy again. Byeeeeeeeeee.

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