MHSUM 2013/2014

October 1, 2013

Hey guys I'm back!
I'm alive!!!

Minggu Haluansiswa Universiti Malaya 2013/2014 officially ended last last last last Friday.
And boy was it fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD

Checked into my hostel on (last last last last) Monday morning.
Thank God the room I got is on the ground floor.
No need for my legs to ache unnecessarily.
Haha I know I'm lazy like that =P

Anyway, I was the first to reach my room.
So I 'cop' the single bed first and chose my side of the study table.
I'm pretty much happy with my room I guess.
Quite decent. Albeit smaller than my room in matric college.

I'm sharing my room with two other roommates.
And my two friends from KMK are just staying opposite my room.
Yayyyy I can kacau them anytime I want hahaha

The pengetua of our residential college gave us briefing that night.
She briefed us on all the DOs and DON'Ts of our residential college.
Apparently, we do not have curfew *shouts for joy*
And we have 1Gbps high speed wifi excess everywhere.
Altho now not so high speed anymore...

We were given stuffs such as shirts, notebooks, bag pack, cap, bookmarks, umbrella.. etc.
Why umbrella you ask???
The reason is because University if Malaya is so freaking big we need to walk a long distance from one place to another, hence the possibility of scorching sun/heavy rain, hence the umbrella given.

The next day, we viewed performances by SUKSIS and PELAPES.
SUKSIS is short for 'Kor Sukarelawan Polis Siswa Siswi',
an undergraduate police volunteer organization.
PELAPES is short for Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan,
a group of reserve officers training unit.

Fake combat
Fake fire + fake (colorful) smoke

We dental freshies visited our faculty on (last last last last) Thursday.
There are two dental faculties in UM.
The old faculty and the new faculty.

For first years, we'll mainly be in the new faculty most of the time.
We'll also have classes in the medicine faculty too.
Gotta walk to and fro from dental faculty and medicine faculty almost everyday.
20minutes walk.Tiring T.T

We were given a welcome dinner that night!

Got to know the dean of our faculty cuz she was sitting at our table.
She was really friendly and nice :D

Next I got to know Prof. Dr Zainal, a specialist in oral maxillofacial surgery.
I told him I love singing and he straight asked me to sing on the stage there.
I was like "Err... oh.. kay.. ?"

Then he stood up and introduced me to the whole dental faculty.
Was kinda shy lolllllll ..............
Oh well, on the bright side, one of the professors gave me a rose!
Yayyyyyyyyyy #happykid

Basically, we had a lot of talks by famous alumni such as...

-Dato' Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek (Politician)

-Anas Zubedy (Entrepreneur)

-Aznil Nawawi (TV host)

 -Pandelela Rinong (Olympic Bronze Medalist)

-Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (Deputy Prime Minister)

Look at how so many people were required to welcome the deputy-PM: 

Welcoming the deputy PM is not an easy task.
So hot. So crowded. So late (opps)

Finally he came! :D Like finally.

All of us went cray cray when all these famous people came.
And during the whole week of MHS, we basically had this pumped-up spirit in us.
We felt so motivated and energised to be the best among the other residential colleges.
Cheers and shouts could be heard everywhere.


'Secholian' actually means 'second-college-ian'
I'm called a secholian cuz I live in second college.
Geddit? :D

Basically, the university's aim is to instil the sense of pride in us lah~ (I think)
They kept on congratulating us for getting into the number one university in Malaysia.
And they even gave us a challenge.
That is, to make University of Malaya one of the top 100 universities in the world.
Currently, we're ranked 167th ...
lol ...... banyak susah

Anyway! *changes subject*
I represented my residential college in the English song singing competition during MHS.
I got third place out of 12 colleges!
Was really really happy cuz this was the first time I won a prize in a singing competition hahaha
Quite an achievement! *pats self on back*

With the first place winner!

During MHS, we slept around 1am and woke up at 5am everyday.
We learnt time management.
When to shower, when not to shower.
When to sleep, when not to sleep.
When to eat, when to swallow.

Oh ya!!!
Before I forget, we ate with our hands too during those 5 days!

No fork. No spoon. No chopsticks.
No handmade-polystyrene-spoon thingy. If you know what I mean.
We only used our pure bare hands.
An awesome once in a lifetime experience. lol

I know this may sound stupid to some of you who use your hands to eat most of the time.
But hey! It was my first time @@
And frankly, it was kinda tough... lol
Cuz hor.. the rice kept on slipping through my fingers!
I can't get them into my mouth without spilling them all over the plate again lolllllllllllllll
#superphailed - -

The closing ceremony of MHS was the most happening night of all.
Dewan Tunku Canselor was full of students cheering for their own respective colleges.
We were all so hyped up!!!!!!!!

College mascots !

Finally MHS came to an end.
Took pictures !!!!!!!!!!!
With the pretty Yao Zhi aka Kak Larry


Even though MHS ended, it marks a WHOLE NEW BEGINNING.
The beginning of my university life as a dental student here in UM.

 Five years babeh.
I'm ready.


(Cedits to Kelvin for a few pictures)

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