Photo Diary: September

October 7, 2013

Hey peeps!
Here's a September(and some October) update.
I know I know~ It's October already.
But I don't wanna waste all these photos!
So here goes...

1. Assemble the KMK-ians !
Went out with a few matric college friends.
We were all scattered around UM and it would be really hard to see each other..
hence we met up in Mid Valley!

Was really fun seeing all of them again~
KMK-ians for life !

2. Grandma came to see meeeeeee
After MHS week, my beloved grandmother came to UM to visit me ^^
My uncle fetched her here and I was soooo happy to see her (Thanks Uncle Dan!)
She and my aunty both came to check out my room.

They were like "Aiyo.. quite small eh.."
"One fan only? At night you will feel warm ma?"
"No attached bathroom??"

Anyway, they brought me out for dinner.
Random pic of my studded flats in the car

I has been a long time since I ate good food.
Huge prawns!!!

Saya punya

Aunty saya punya

Sorry for the sudden awkward usage of Bahasa Malaysia. It just came to me.

3. New (Dental) Fwendsss
Yayyyyy new friends !!! :DDD
We dental batchmates of 2013/2014 bonded surprisingly fast!
The thirty of us are like a family after just one month.
Of course, this wouldn't be achieved without our unique initiation process. *winks*


With glasses

Without glasses

With the lovely Phooi Teng ♥

Toast with butter and condensed milk

The next few pics were taken inside the labs in Faculty of Medicine, UM

Khe Sin trying to cover her shiny forehead XD

Goofing around with Janice

4. My Dental Buddiesssssss
Hung out with my buddies last Wednesday~
The two doctor buddies treated us dinner! :DD

After dinner we went for a karaoke session near Sunway Giza.
I got no idea why I posed like that - -

Last Friday was the convocation of my doctor buddies~
Congrats Dr. Lee Wen Hui and Dr. Tan See Loo !!!!!!
Spot the banner I was raising? It's handmade. We made it :P

The weather was freaking hot that day btw and I was sweating like hell.
Nevertheless, we still had fun raising banners and fighting for ours to be seen during the photo-taking session :P

Felt a sense of respect for all my doctor seniors who graduated that day...
They worked hard, struggled and endured the tough five-year dental course.
And now they finally graduated! :D

I still can't imagine I'll be like them one day.
Idk la... I feel like a small kid, refusing to accept the fact to grow up.

Me. Dentistry.
I guess it's slowly sinking in...
Imagine one day people will call me "Doctor Violette"
Still feels so 遥远 lol

5. City Harvest Church KL 

Found home in CHCKL.
Everyone there is really passionate for God!
JB church friends!

Never expected to see my church friends from JB there in CHCKL!
I stepped foot into the church for the first time and expected totally strangers.
Mana tau I saw Elecher, Darren and Jenmin,
and I was like, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams inside my mind*
Went straight towards Elecher and said hi.
She was surprised, "你做莫在这里的???"
I told her I'm now studying in UM.
Haha it's really a small world. XD

Oh and not forgetting to mention...
I met one of the bloggers in the list of blogs which I read- Gladys Tan ♥
"Hi I'm Gladys"
"Hi Gladys, I'm Violette and I read your blog!"
She was.. stunned, I guess? haha
I could see that she was really happy to meet her blog reader :P
She happens to be a UM student as well and now she's my cell group leader!

Had Ipoh Chicken Rice with CG members before going to church last Friday

Lets build a church!

Every Friday, CHCKL will have a church service specially for students only.
The Strictly Students(SS) service.
Students rock da church yo!

Look at our cool #StrictlyStudents badges!

 Do check out:
A Youth Initiative


It has been a month.
And I'm loving it here in UM/KL/CHCKL !!!!!!

That's all for now.
Byeeeeeeeee !!!!!

Will be back soon.


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