November 20, 2013

Hahaha you guys must be wondering what does the title of this blog post stands for :P
"CHC UMCG #D19" = "City Harvest Church University of Malaya Cell Group #D19"
Nice abbreviation eh? Tq. I made it up myself one lololol
I guess it sounds okay? haha

Anyway, this is my cell group !!!!! :DD
We have CG every Thursday night in the Faculty of Music. This pic was taken during my very first time joining this cell group. You can see how shy I am lol. Went to cell group right after my classes that day hence my formal(okay maybe not so) outfit.

They're a bunch of awesome people who loves God. I'm just so blessed to be a part of them :')

We went to Gladys' house that day for CG and movie session.
Marc made us popcorn! Yayyyyy
Gladys' parents bought us J.CO donuts too! Yayyyyyy
 Gladys' mum even offered us her home-made barley drink! Yayyyyyy
Not forgetting to mention we also dabao-ed MCD :P hehe

Marc told us that he almost set the church office on fire while experimenting on how to make popcorns!
Apparently he tried to make popcorns using a pan and the whole kitchen was filled with smoke HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
In the end, a colleague told him to try using a microwave instead and it was a success finally.
All of us broke into laughter when he told us this incident XDDD

Home-made popcorn + J.CO Donuts 

Gladys' youngest sister - Evangeline!
Ain't she adorable? =3

This photo was taken when we had our first ever open air CG.
We sat on the wet ground in front of UM Chancellery building.
Yes we are hipsters like that :P

"Just us, the wet floor, cool breeze & God." -Gladys Tan

My Church My Life.


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