Let's Welcome November

November 9, 2013

It's November already? I can't believe 10 months passed by just like that. The last time I remembered I was counting down to 2013 and thinking "Hahaha bastards were wrong about the end of the world" 

Well, I guess time passes when you're having fun eh? #lameoldsaying In fact, it passes even faster when you're busy as hell! Life as a dental student is freaking tiring + stressful. Lectures, labs, assignments, presentations, quizzes etc. It goes on and on, one after another (sometimes even at the same time). And besides these, I have other events, cell group, church.......

So yea my life's been pretty hectic lately @@ But of course, I've gotta admit, life's more fun too being surrounded by awesome people! A quick shoutout to all my uni friends: ME LOVE ALL OF YOUUUUUUUU *muacks muacks kiss kiss*

The reason why I'm blogging now is cuz I'm having my mid-sem break for one week. And mind you, that doesn't mean I'm free for the week. I still have eight assignments, three presentations and one quiz to prepare for. Oh ya and a tooth carving exercise too. I'm a busy busy woman hahaha. But still, I love my blog and can't afford to leave it abandoned for too long.

So here I am! B L O G G I N G
when I should be completing my assignments

Me and a bunch of friends went to Mid Valley last last Friday. Intended to catch up with my matric college mates but many of them couldn't make it. So the few left jio-ed their course-mates (who happened to be all medical students) to tag along. So yea, basically that day I was the only dental student hanging around a bunch of MBBS students.

From left: JJ, Qing Hang, Jen Seng, yours truly, Sin Ying, Xin Wei, ET

We had Korean food.

But I don't see how this dessert is considered Korean.

Woohoo! Finally caught up with the lovely Xin Wei ♥ I had been busy when she was free and she had been busy when I was free. Xi gan bo ngam arrr~ Hence we were incredibly overjoyed that we finally had time to meet up and chat with each other. Although her hostel is like only 10minutes' walk from mine, we barely get the chance to sit down and talk like old times.

Now for these two boys. I've never been that close to them during matric. We never hung out before. But I guess we became rather close after stepping into UM? Yayyyyyy

And this is Sin Ying (the girl on the right) from Sungai Petani, Kedah. See~~ Pretty anot pretty anot??? :DD She's a new friend I got to know thru Xin Wei. I feel so lucky to be flanked by two pretty girls hehehe

This guy right here is ET's roommate- Qing Hang. Frankly, I felt kinda intimidated when we were taking this pic. I mean, just look at his face la! Features so perfect... I jelly = = Oh ya, and thanks to him, I didn't need to carry the printer I bought during PC expo all the way from Mid Valley back to my hostel cuz he was forced kind enough to help me carry it. Haha thanks dude.

Yup. So that was how I spent my 1st day of November- catching up with old friends while meeting a few new ones too.


If you happen to follow me on Instagram or FB,
you'll probably know that I went to cut five inches of my hair just now.
Super regret ar walau..... see how fugly I look now:

*re-sized the pic smaller cuz small ugly is better than big ugly 

Googled how fast does hair grows and the answer was '1/2 inch every month'
TEN FREAKING MONTHS for my hair to grow back to the length I once had!!!

Great. Thank you impulsive me.

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