SONY ALPHA NEX-3N Review: Unboxing

November 24, 2013

For those who followed my instagram, you should have known by now that I finally got my first semi-pro camera! :DD


Woots! Say hi to my new baby XD 
Bought the NEX-3NL kit + filter + extended warranty for RM1600
at Fotokem Mahkota Parade, Melaka

I actually wanted a camera long time ago but kept on delaying the purchase cuz my parents kept on telling me not to waste money blablabla... :( So I, being a good girl who listens to her parents, gave in every time when they told me to not buy. But I really really wanted a camera so badly that I constantly bring it up in front of my parents. In the end, they kelian me and said yes. haha! sucesskid.jpeg

So yea, three years ago, I wanted the Sony Nex-5, then I wanted Sony Nex-5N, then NEX 7, then Nex-F3, then Nex-5R and alas, when they released the Sony Nex-3N, I told myself: 

Yes I literally followed the advancement in Sony's production of E-mount cameras since three years ago lol

This is because after reading the specifications, I found that this model suits me the best among all the other Sony Nex series. The reason why I chose Sony rather than other regular brands like Nikon is because of all the good reviews I read online about their E-mount cameras.

Sony cameras have this great colour depth that I really like. The quality is much better(in my opinion), when compared to other images taken by interchangeable lens cameras of other brands. I'll do a review later on this awesome camera so stay tuned! But for now. I'll show you guys the unboxing! Jeng jeng jeng~

Le box. lol 

What's in the box?

1) Le camera and SELP1650 lens.

2) Wires, charges, adapter, battery ...

3) User manuals and 8GB memory card

4) Camera bag and strap for the camera.

*Note that the bag was not placed inside the box. The sales person gave it to me personally. So if you happen to buy this camera, do remember to ask for the bag just in case the sales person forgets to give it to you. It comes with the kit fyi. Not a free gift.

180° tilt-able LCD screen: Perfect for capturing selfies!

Side view:

Front and rear view:

Top and bottom view:

That's it for now! Stay tuned for my review!!! Do check this space often if you don't wanna miss out on it =P

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