UM Dental SFS Night 2013

November 13, 2013

University of Malaya Faculty of Dentistry Senior-Freshie-Staff Night 2013
Theme: Dentists in the Candyhouse

Okay I know this post is wayyy overdue but I just cannot NOT blog about this awesome event! :P Haha. Every year, our dental faculty will host this Senior-Freshie-Staff(SFS) Night. It's basically an event in-charged by the second year students. The main aim (I think) is to foster closer relationships between seniors, juniors and lecturers etc. And every year, the first year juniors (freshies) are required to perform for our fellow seniors, lecturers and staff.

We had many nights of rehearsals to prepare for this event. All performances were planed and choreographed from the tiniest detail. Yes we are perfectionists like that *inserts like-a-sir meme*. Actually we're just afraid our seniors will be furious if we didn't perform properly lol

The night had come and we were all prepared for our performances. Make up! Hair! Outfit! Costume!

Yong Yik and Jia Jun as the mischievous mimes.

Jia Jun with his makeup and hat on.

Selca-ing with the girls- Jia Jia and Janice

The event kicked off.
Here are our emcees: Vincent and Shan

We had games...


contemporary dance... (by our second year senior -Olivia)



and miming and singing lol
 I couldn't find the photos to the miming act and my singing performance

Anyway, I guess the seniors and lecturers enjoyed our performances? :D

 Took pictures with the props provided at the photo booth.
I'm a dentist-to-be !

This is my 5th year buddy- Dey Eng 

 Fourth year seniors! Alice and Mun Nga

 Sampat coursemate Phooi Teng!

My third year buddy: Kang Xian! He's from Melaka too :3

My co-bud: Kai Zhe(left) and my lovely second year buddy: Caryn Lim holding an orange balloon XD

 Last but not least, all my awesome 1st year coursemates woohoo !!!
Spot me inside the pics :P

 It was a night of fun + craziness !

 30 of us, each being unique and special in our own way.

UM Dental batch 2013/2014
I thank God that I belong to this family.

*Photo credits to my coursemates and seniors.


  1. medical staffing must have more money; you can only get so much blood out of a turnip and this one is already squeezed mightily dry.


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