2013 In A Nutshell

December 31, 2013

Been MIA from my blog for ages and when I finally open up my blog, all I see is my stats going down down down… … arghhhhhhh soooooo saddddddddddddd :( I have so many stuff to blog about. I even made a checklist to cross out each pending blog post after I’ve done posting it. But the thing is despite my life in KL being more happening, I’ve got almost no time to update my blog! T_T

Final’s coming real soon so I’ve been spending lots of time catching up on studies. I promise I’ll blog about my life in the past few months after my final exam(exam’s gonna end on 16th Jan). I’m definitely not gonna skip those events just like that. Everything that happened are valuable memories to me so idc if you guys get tired of me posting back-dated posts, I’m gonna do it anyway cuz it’s my blog hahaha.

Okay cut the crap talk. Today’s the last day of the year. #omgsofastrighttimefliesitseemslikeyesterday . I’m gonna do a 2013 year review!

In 2013, many significant events took place in my life and I can say it has been a great great great year for me! Couldn’t emphasize more how great it was.

Here are the highlights:

1. Deep shit
The beginning of 2013 was an unpleasant one for me actually. In January, I had kind of a roller coaster ride of emotions to kick start the new year. Nights of crying and numbness. Yea it was something like having pms for the whole month. But luckily this didn't last for too long and I guess the joy and happiness the following months gave me compensated for the sadness I had in January. #okaynuffsaid.NEXT

2. Graduated from matriculation!
Finally ended my one-year matriculation course in May this year.

3. Big Bad Wolf
Worked part time for the BBW book sale in Melaka with friends and new friends. #yaynewfriends!
All the sweating and fatigue of stacking and arranging books. Great experience. Valuable lesson learned. Never. I repeat NEVER underestimate a BBW worker.

4. “CUPS”
Recorded a vid of myself doing “The Cup Song” from Pitch Perfect and uploaded on FB out of boredom. Then some Hong Kong FB page admin took my vid and re-uploaded it onto their page. Ended up getting more than 5k ‘likes’ and 1k ‘shares’ :O wth I’m famous babeh

5. Shared my testimony in church
Was my very first time sharing my personal testimony in Calvary Life Assembly Church, Melaka. I actually didn’t realise how much God provided me with until I actually think about it. All glory goes to God. He is our ultimate provider. Amen.

6. Welcome to Melaka
The good thing about matriculation programme is that you get to have friends from different parts of Malaysia :D A few of my outstation friends came down to my hometown and I brought them around historical Malacca yayyyyyyy

Melaka Food Hunt 1.0 (Part 1)
Melaka Food Hunt 1.0 (Part 2)
Melaka Food Hunt 2.0

 7. Officially a BDS student in UM!!!
This is the most significant thing thathappened this year. Officially a kickass Bachelor of Dental Surgery student in University of Malaya oh yeahhh! :D Until now it still seems kind of a dream to me.

Besides this, I got to know many new friends. #yaynewfriends!

My coursemates :’)
We can be serious at times…

and crazy most of the time! haha

Also, I got myself awesome seniors as dental buddies.

Also, I got myself awesome seniors who are Christians and we have cell group every Wednesday.

8. Got myself 1k ‘likes’ on FB photo
Hahaha I feel the need to write this one. It’s definitely one of the highlights of 2013 no? XD

At the beginning of my dental course, a senior of mine challenged me to get 1k ‘likes’ on FB and since my name is ‘Violette’, I'm required to wear violet coloured clothing in my pic. Also, I'm required to make a collage of photos in one photo. So basically I posted this on FB:

I know some of the clothes are not in violet but ahhh never mind lah

So, thanks to all my course mates and friends, I reached my goal in no time! *pops confetti*

Then see what my senior commented hahaha so hilarious XD

9. Joined CHCKL. Cell group #D19
Not being self proclaiming but the best people in church are in my cell group. I JUST LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCHHHHHHHH. Awesome bunch of people they are :’) #yaynewfriends!

10. Became a part of Yao Lan Shou
Yao Lan Shou is a music composing unit in University of Malaya. Many local artists and music composers were once a part of this club! :D

Glad that I got through the audition and became part of this great community. Got myself a chance to perform their original songs and they gave me a platform to showcase and brush up my talent. Also, I got to know more talented new friends!!! #yaynewfriends!

Turned 19 this month. And tomorrow’s a new year so I’ll be 20??? @@ What sorcery is this?

No fair. Idc. Me still say me iz 19. No 20.


So this is what I’ve been through in 2013. I guess I made the most friends this year. Almost like having a new batch of friends. Oh no I hope the old ones don’t forget me though haha.

Blogpost “2013 in a Nutshell”. Check! ✓
4725483 posts to go. Haha joking.

CHEERS TO 2013 !!!
A year I won’t forget
Happy New Year everybodyyyyyy

PS: Gonna countdown to 2014 with my course-mates later. Toodles!

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