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December 3, 2013

I received an email from C not long ago to write a blog post regarding cancer and link it back to AXA AFFIN website.

"AXA AFFIN, in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), are supporting cancer patients currently undergoing treatment in this campaign. AXA AFFIN will fund the NCSM daycare usage to one cancer patients for every blogger that links back to AXA AFFIN 110CancerCare website in their effort to care for cancer patients. In essence, a post from you gets a cancer patient one-day funding for their daycare usage at NCSM Treatment Centre. 

I would like to ask if you would help us by writing a post regarding cancer and linking it back to AXA AFFIN website. This small act from you would make a huge difference to cancer patients going through recovery both financially and emotionally."

-Snippet from the email

As you can see, or rather read, this blog post is an advert but what makes it different is that I'm not paid for writing it. I agreed to participate in this campaign so that patients will be able to get free treatments.

To be frank, I think AXA AFFIN is pretty smart by doing this campaign. Instead of spending money on advertisements, they collaborate with bloggers to help their insurance plan gain publicity by promising to fund a cancer patient for every post that links back to their website. Furthermore, it also helps to spread awareness of cancer along the way!

But of course, I'm not sure whether they will really fulfil their promise of funding a cancer patient after I've done my part of the job... Just hope that AXA AFFIN is honest and accountable and will not cheat kind-hearted bloggers like me lol

It's sad to see how people struggle to battle cancer. Even if they have the hope to live on, sometimes the body and mind will get weak and thoughts of giving up will just slip into them.

In times of suffering, remember that you are not alone in this battle. Your whole family and love ones are fighting with you! Also, remember that ultimately, God is in control. Lean on God and he will carry your burden :)

 So hang in there! Yes the journey is tough, but stay calm and don't lose hope! Keep on fighting because... ...


Yes I know you can.

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