My 19th Birthday: The Midnight Surprise

December 13, 2013

4th December 2013

Jamming session ended. Dragged myself back to room. Worn out. Mood: sulky + frustrated (This must be PMS. I'm pretty certain.)

Sent a message to teammates to apologise for not sending in the presentation slides yet. Then, phoned English class rep. No answer. Damnit. My body’s gonna break down anytime soon. NEED. TO. SLEEP. *heads to bed*

Chloe kept on talking to me. Wth. Me want sleep me no want talk! T.T Brain says: ignore your roommate and go to sleep. Yes brain.

* PeiShuang(my other roommate) runs out of room*

5th December 2013

Phone calls came in. *wakes up* “Happy birthday Violette!”
“Hey.. wow.. thanks so much.. erm.. ya.. was sleeping.. hey I’m kinda tired now we’ll chat another time k? Thx for your wish.. bye.. ”


Okay so after like 5 minutes or so, before I could head back to sleep, I heard people singing a birthday song outside my window.

“Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to Violette…”

OMG. I jumped out of bed and opened the windows. And just outside, stood all my coursemates with gleaming faces and a birthday cake with candles lighted up. They sang the birthday song again and I felt so touched idk why and I teared T.T T.T T.T (wth)

*grabs camera* *carelessly pokes eyes while wearing contacts* *rushes out of room*

Was super happy to see all of them! :D My body went from ‘shutting down mode’ to ‘officially high on drugs mode’ lol. Snap! Fatigue all gone. Just like that.

 Typical wishing pose
 Typical cut cake pose

Typical clap hand candid

 My roommates! Chloe(left) and Pei Shuang(right)
No wonder Chloe kept on talking to me before that! She was hoping to keep me awake for the surprise... but she failed hahaha my ignoring skills are too good :P And Pei Shuang on the other hand, ran out of the room to inform the others that I’m already asleep hahaha.

 My buff co-bud Kai Zhe. See how tiny I am standing next to him haha

 Ma pretty girls!

The pattern-ful boys…

You can see how playful the boys are = =

 All 30 coursemates :’)

Spot Jason jumping up behind all of us hahaha

After taking this photo, cold water came splashing on me from behind. I squeaked like a mouse lololol. I don’t usually scream, but when I do, it comes out abruptly with high pitch. So yea, it’s more like a squeak than a yell. The boys were like “生日快乐!!!” then reverted to laughter when the water soaked my clothes. Fml. Nevertheless, I was really thankful they didn’t splat my face in cake tho. It would be too much a waste of good SR cake hahaha.

Oh ya, if you didn’t notice(but I doubt so), there’s the word ‘Toilet’ on my birthday cake. Yes yes yes. My name is Violette but my crazy friends modified it to their own delight. Is it me or does the berries on top of the cake look like poop too? Lololol

Seriously I didn't think they would surprise me on my birthday. ALL 29 coursemates of mine! Not even a single person refused to show up. You can see how awesome they are :’) It’s not that I didn’t guess they would celebrate for me, just that I thought it would be celebrated among a few of us only. Really didn’t expect all of them to come! Especially those who are in 1st residential college. They were willing to walk all the way to 2nd residential college where I’m staying at. Aww… A bunch of awesome people I have here :) Awesome awesome.

Okay now for the cheesy part...

To all my coursemates, thank you once again! I know I’ve said this like a zillion times already but I just can’t be thankful enough T.T Haha maybe I just feel I’m not worthy… low self esteem issues lol. Anyway, would just like to wish you guys all the best in our coming exam! Our very first exam in university… Let’s fight this battle together!!! Try not to fail! Or rather, not to fail too badly lol

Would like to take this opportunity to express how fortunate I truly feel to have all of you with me in this dental course together. I really wouldn’t ask for better company than you guys. Smart, talented, funny, crazy, pretty, handsome, sporty, sweet, caring and all other positive traits. Just name any and we’ll surely have that certain him or her in our batch XD

I pray that our friendship will blossom more and more each day and continue even after we graduate in five years’ time. (tsk tsk tsk. only 1st year jiu talk about graduation already) 

Blah blah blah. Cheesy part over.


Jiayou for exams!

PS: Yes. It was confirmed PMS.

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