Manhattan Fish Market @MidValley

January 23, 2014

Zhi Qiong’s in Sunway; Christine’s in UCSI; while I’m in UM. All three of us are busy with our own new lives and new friends. But no matter what, we will still find the time to meet and catch up on each other. No friends are closer to me than they are. #secondaryschoolfriends :’)

We met up at the Manhatten Fish Market @MidValley. Xin Wei tagged along too as she wanted to meet Christine. #matriculationfriends haha

The interior design is quite simple and cosy. Me likey.

 Chowder of the Day (salmon chowder if not mistaken)

 Manhattan Fish 'n Chips (Dory)

 Grilled Glory Dory

Creamy Salmon Penne

/ Blur photos tend to make people seem dreamy lol/

Look at the waiter setting the food on fire ohmaigosh that's so cool #suagumodeON

The food didn't impress me much, be it the presentation or the taste. For that kind of food, I'm so sorry to say, but I can easily get them at a much cheaper price at some hawker centre or something. Plus, we waited at least 30 minutes for the food to arrive. == #angrycustomerisangry

Nevertheless, we spent the whole time girltalk-ing, even before the food arrive and after. sonotclassybutwhocares I guess it has become a responsibility for us to update each other on our current situation. If not, you will surely hear stuff like "Eh! 做莫你没有跟我讲的?" or "walao,什么都不要跟我讲料啦现在?" Hahaha. Besties’ love <3 b="">

Our catching-up session ended quite early cuz Christine and Zhi Qiong wanted to return to Malacca already :(

It always feels good to have old friends around.
No fakers. No awkwardness. Just jokes and laughter.


Address: Manhattan Fish Market
              LG-060 Lower Ground Floor,
              Mid Valley Megamall,
              Lingakaran Syed Putra,
              59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2284 0448

Business Hours: 1100 - 2200 daily

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