Stay Healthy This Chinese New Year

January 26, 2014

“Hello uncle hello auntie, xin nian kuai le! Gong xi fa cai!”

Yup. This is what I would always say every year whenever I go CNY visiting, be it at my own relatives’ house or at ma friends’ place.

And adults would always say the same ol’ thing:
“Waa.. you’ve grown so big already! When I last saw you, you were only this tall. ” *places hand somewhere in midair to indicate how small I was* 

And ask the same ol’ question:
“So what standard/form/year are you in already?”

And after my reply, the conversation will just end there and my other (elder) relatives talk (gossip) to each other while I wander off to the snacks table to begin feeding myself with cookies and sweets.

When I was young, the snack table was heaven. All types of tasty cookies filled to the brim and sitting there quietly in those red lid containers. I really love the kuih bangkit, fried seaweed crackers, honeycomb cookies(kuih rose), love letters(kuih kapit) etc. Haha. Okay I admit. Even until now, the snack table IS STILL HEAVEN.

I know it’s weird but I wanna tell you guys this, when I was younger (do note the word ‘younger’. Meaning I’m still young now haha :P oklamejokepleaseignore), I actually prefer the love letters soft, as in, I would take a few of them out of the containers for a day so that they are exposed to air and lose their crispiness. Then, I’ll unroll them into flat sheets of circles and look at the imprints (as if I’m ‘reading’ the love letter, lol). #weirdchild Haha. After that I’ll just gobble them up. Yums!

Besides cookies, gummies and other sweets are also in danger to be walloped by me. I loveeeeee those white rabbit milk candy, especially its rice strips. Oooh! And bakkwa is also a must during CNY! Haha.

Just so you know, I’m more excited about the food compared to red packets during CNY. But don’t you come offering me with food in exchange for my red packets! Save your efforts people, cuz IT WON’T WORK! Hah! :P

Anyway, would like to wish all of you guys out there a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Eat all the food! Drink all the drinks! Grab all the angpows! Hahaha xD I’m not gonna say ‘win all the money’ cuz I’m against gambling so…

But do make sure to drive safe if any of you are heading back to their hometowns. And do remember to drink lots of water and be aware of what you eat(especially during tuan yuan fan in restaurants) as some food, when combined, may cause indigestion or even heartburn. For example: red wine + a meal of steak + creamed spinach + lobster bisque. Alcohol especially, as it tends to open the sphincters of your stomach, causing acid to escape back up your oesophagus! eww! :O

Whenever you’re worried whether the food combination is acceptable for your body, just remember the simple ‘HOT, NEUTRAL, COLD’ concept:

Simple right? Your body is all you have so be sure to take care of it! :D

For more information, visit Gaviscon’s website:


Teehee :P Peace out.

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