Hotlink CNY 2014 Concert

February 17, 2014

Yesh! Finally I can say I’ve been to a concert haha. To those who have been to concerts/raves, just wanna tell you guys that… … I’m just as cool as you are!!! Lol :P Thanks so much to Careen, I got myself 2 VIP tickets to catch this concert in Sunway Lagoon surf beach last Saturday.

Jio-ed Xin Wei the bestie to come along with me. We took an LRT to Kelana Jaya and then took a bus to Sunway Pyramid. The concert was supposed to start at 7pm and we’re already late but we haven’t had our dinner yet so we decided to eat first. Ain’t gonna party with an empty stomach yo! Food has always been our priority haha!

Had our dinner at Sakae Sushi.

The iPad ordering system is so cool omg my first time using an iPad to order food!!! #outdatedmuch

“Sakae Sushi boasts the first-of-its-kind iPad interactive menu system, touted as the fastest food ordering system that allows customers to order their favourite dishes directly from the kitchen while keeping tab on their bill easily.”

The interactive menu really handles orders efficiently and accurately. Yay, thumbs up to technology!

After our dinner it was already 8pm++. We headed towards Sunway Lagoon and when we finally reached the ticket counter there, it was kinda closed? :/ lol. We asked around and one of the Hotlink workers was like “Oh you wanna redeem ticket? Nah here you go.”

I was like”Err so you need my IC number for verification purpose?”

“Erm. Actually now no need already lah. Just take. Oh and there’s an afterparty with free soju. Here, I give you guys the pass. 18 and above already right?”

Lolllll. We kindly took and said thank you.

The sky was already dark and the party has already begun. 

We came just in time when DJ Leng Yein was doing her thing on stage.

After that Da Mouth and DJ Tenashar made their appearance. I only know the song 結果咧 from them. None of the other songs were familiar to me. #failed

The guy in this pic looks so similar to one of my coursemates lolll

Met Careen, Gladys and Serene at the concert too! ♥

We didn't make it to the centre area cuz there was water there. Should have known... We didn’t wanna get wet so we stood at the sides. But whoa I tell you, the people in the centre area sure can party hard :O They were dancing and putting their hands up high all the time; while the people at the sides(example: us) were just standing there watching lol

Maybe I’m not a big fan of DJ Leng Yein/ Da Mouth/DJ Tenashar. But! If I get to go for Future Music Festival I would surely try to get in front of stage! Haha =P

Oh and I was lucky to get a picture with DJ LengYein. She haz big boobs omggggggg

We didn’t stay until the end but left early to catch the bus back to the LRT station. No car jiu shi like dat de lor~ So yea, we missed the afterparty and free soju... Haha just saying. We didn't even feel like going for that also actually.

Great experience. Would definitely go for concerts again!

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