How I Spent My Christmas Eve

February 8, 2014

Last Christmas was my first Christmas away from home and it felt kinda weird without seeing my church friends in my hometown. Although I’m not that close to them really, as I only see them rarely due to me always being away from home. But still, it’s weird la not spending Christmas Eve in church back home. Fyi, I can’t go home for Christmas cuz it’s on a Wednesday and I have classes the next day so…

A friend of mine asked me on Facebook whether I wanna work on Christmas Eve. The job requires a few people to sing Christmas carols on stage for a corporate dinner. I didn't have plans anyway and I wanted to earn extra cash too! =P So I agreed.

I practiced with the team for only a day and we covered easily more than 10 songs on that day itself. Still can’t believe we were that productive. Haha.

I had classes on Christmas Eve(ikr so sad). So after my classes I went back to my room to change, put makeup on and stuff and straight took an LRT to Kerinchi station. The other members were already there at the ballroom. They already had their rehearsal and I was late so I missed it.

When I got down at Kerinchi station, I didn’t know how to walk to the venue. I remembered my friend told me it was a greyish blue building and it looks kinda ‘atas’ so I walked towards this building which looked similar to the description.

I wandered and asked a few people about any corporate event going on and they were all giving me blur faces. I phoned my friend to tell him that I’m already inside the building but can’t seem to find the venue. I continued to wander inside the building for a while and then it struck me that I may be in the wrong building. (Oh no!)

I went out of the building and walked back to the LRT station. It was drizzling and I was there in a red dress carrying a big backpack holding an umbrella while on the phone.

I took the other way towards Bangsar South and alas… I saw huge greyish blue buildings! But my friend said it was not those buildings either. I had to walk another 10minutes to Aeon Big and take the escalator up and walk again until a busy road and cross that. And the rain was getting heavy. lololol

“Erm… Violette… We’re going up on stage in 10 minutes. I need you to run okay?”

I ran like hell.

I ran and ran and ran.

And ran.

And finally got to the right place and just in time for the performance. *phew!*

It was like in the movies where the actor gotta catch the plane OR arrive before someone leaves OR whatever la that requires somebody to be so 凄惨 and run in rain zzz. I was soaked in sweat and rainwater (more in sweat cuz I had an umbrella lol)

Anyway, we finished our job quite fast. Two 30 minutes slot.

And these are the pictures that we took:

It was fun working with them cuz they’re very funny people hahaha. I wouldn’t have got funny new friends if it weren't for this job xD

After the event, our boss(and also our friend) Jeremy treated us supper. It was going to reach midnight when we finished our meal so we decided to countdown in the middle of the road hahaha so random right I know.

The boys were acting all crazily and goofing around. 

When it was midnight we sang Christmas carols there at the road lololol. And then some uncle who was drinking with two friends at the nearby pub beckoned us to go there to perform for them lol. After that, he treated us a glass of beer each lol! But only the boys drank.

After singing another song for that uncle, we left for home.

Yeap. So that’s how I celebrated my Christmas Eve.

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