Christmas Party @Alfred’s

April 21, 2014

Alfred was kind enough to invite the whole cell group to his place for a little Christmas gathering.

Marc prepared green curry chicken
Stephen prepared fried rice
Me and Hui Wen prepared tangyuan
Gladys bought us Ayamas
Patrick bought us pizza


Hui Wen and I had fun preparing the tangyuan! It was our very first time making it on our own so in the end it was a total failure cuz we added too much water hahaha >< All of the sticky dough went straight into the dustbin /.\

We played a few card games but no gambling. One of it was ‘heart attack’. The loser (whose palm is on top of the pile) got their punishment by doing really funny dares. Karthini and Raee were dared to go out of the house and shout “MERRY CHRISTMAS! JESUS LOVE YOU!” Note that it was already late at night HAHAHA

We had our gift exchanging session too. Gladys, our cell group leader gave each of us a small postcard with a personal message. She wrote that she is glad she has me in her life. Aww :’)



Cell group #D19! 

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