Nana's Green Tea @The Gardens Mall

May 26, 2014

"Nana’s Green Tea was established 14 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. It is a pioneer of Japanese cafe dealing with ‘‘Matcha’’, green powdered tea. "Nana's green tea" became popular and was regarded as Japanese Starbucks and achieved the evaluation of No.1 brand among Japanese cafe. 

Now, we are proud to announce the 1st Nana’s Green Tea cafĂ© will be landing in Malaysia, and the 1st shop is in The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, KL."
-taken from their FB page

We had our dental buddies' outing that day at Nana's Green Tea! :D Yup. We went to this newly launched cafe to have dinner and to have a small little celebration for Kai Zhe's belated birthday.

This guy here: Kai Zhe

Nana's Green Tea cafe in the Gardens Mall provides a clean and modern dining atmosphere. The interior design is pleasant to the eye with many light coloured paintings on the wall which changes according to the four seasons. The wooden furnitures are placed under sakura-tree-like designs to give the impression to diners as if they are dining under cherry blossom trees. 

The interior of the cafe.

Paintings are pleasant to the eye.

We went on a weekday but it was still packed with people who are(like us) eager to try out this new place in town. Actually the cafe is quite small but the spaces are utilised fully. To the max. To be honest, it was rather crowded during our visit there cuz margins between tables were terribly narrow.

Apart from green tea base beverages and dessert, main courses such as seafood mentaiko udon with cream sauce, curry katsu chicken, etc. are also available here in this cafe.

Happy birthday boy is happy.

My third year buddy Kang Xian so eager to taste the soup.

Buddy Kang Xian gets 'kiap' by chopsticks; Fifth year buddy Dey Eng looks like first year.

My fourth year buddies See Yee and Keng Siang.

Me with direct second year buddy Caryn.

See Yee: "Come I feed you" ; Kai Zhe: *opens mouth*

Nana’s Green Tea promotes healthy eating by using Millet rice in their rice dishes, where the rice is an ancient rice recipe containing 10 different kinds of cereal mixed with polished rice. The rice is rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.

We kept on taking pictures of ourselves we forgot to take the food. Oh my dear camera! You must be immensely hungry that time. Mummy is deeply sorry for forgetting to feed you :(

After we had our main course, it's time for desserts!!!!! We just had to try their signature parfait. Many of my friends had tried it already and they said it was good. So, being kiasu kids, mana boleh x try??!

D1 is da one.

Matcha Shiratama Parfait

"An artisan dessert starting with a layer of Kanten jelly and Matcha syrup then topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream, generous layer of corn flakes and garnished with a Matcha ice cream, red bean paste, mochi, whipped cream and a drizzle of Matcha syrup"


The senior buddies were like "Okay let's eat" but me and Caryn were like "No!!! Take picture first!!!"

Melted Matcha ice cream looking like slime ewww

Now, my advice to you readers is that if you wanna take pictures of this dessert, do it quickly ya. It melts too fast omggg. The Matcha ice cream was already making its way down the outside of the cup when we were finally done with taking pictures. Oh I mean, feeding my camera.

The parfait was incredibly satisfying! I saw other customers mixing their parfaits into a mixture and it got into a snot-like greenish colour consistency. I was disgusted ttm lol. I prefer not mixing the parfait so that the layers remain. On a side note, the Kanten jelly was nice! :) *trying to get the snot-like greenish colour outta my head*

Birthday boy got his pressie from the buddies.

Before we left, we took a few pictures outside the little cafe. We saw that the queue was long when we finally finished our meal and stepped out of the cafe. *phew* Luckily we were early and did not need to line up for a table.

"Nana's Green Tea? Or me?" lololol

My lovely buddy line. *feeling blessed*

So, dessert or mains? Nana’s Green Tea have them all! Drop by at this quaint little cafe during your shopping in Mid Valley or The Gardens Mall for some mouth watering delicacies, but be ready for queues and waiting.

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe
Lot 231A, Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Contact : 016-6547574 / 016-2658535




To end this post:
Birthday boy carrying yours truly's bag.

haha! kbye~~~

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