A Day Out

July 31, 2014

I met up with Christine and Zhi Qiong that day cuz we wanted to hangout and do some catching up. We headed to Dataran Pahlawan on a Wednesday afternoon and boy was the place empty! O.O I've never been to DP for a very long time(more than a year I guess) but if not mistaken, it wasn't miserably empty last time like how it is now.

I've been away so long that I didn't even know Sushi Boat shifted to a newly(okay it has actually been more than a year)-renovated food court called 'Food Paradise'.

This place has the Chinese-street-in-Melaka-during-the-olden-days atmosphere which seems pretty cool to me.

*pics taken from here

Had a quick lunch at Sushi Boat so that our tummies will not rumble when watching our movie later   

Customers will be eligible for a member card if they spend RM60 or above in a single meal. Aaaaaand we ate till RM54++ .... but all of us were too full to take in any more sushi so we bid farewell to the card. 20% discount on future visits...... gone just like that!


Went to watch The Fault In Our Stars after that and there were only less than 10 people in the theatre. How does GSC survive in DP during weekdays?!

Right before the movie started, I told Christine to have 心理准备 cuz the guy in the movie is not that handsome and the girl in the movie is not that pretty. And she was like, "Har?!?!?!" She said if she knew this earlier she wouldn't have agreed to watch this movie HAHAHA

I didn't read the novel but I personally think TFIOS was quite a nice movie. I cried so many times. TT

Nadeje Cakehouse was the next place for us to while our time away. We had cakes and tea, and snapped a few pictures of us faking to be all demure and lady-like. There were not many customers that afternoon compared to weekends where customers had to line up for a table but still, almost all the tables were taken.

 Original mille crepe // RM9.90

 Strawberry mille crepe // RM9.90

Mint green tea // RM9.50

I missed Nadeje's mile crepes so much when I was in uni. Finally I can have my cravings fixed! OMNOMNOMNOM

We talked for such a long time that we felt kinda uneasy to continue our conversation cuz the waiters were looking at us. Maybe they were hinting for us to leave? lol. So we had to think of another place for us to sit down and continue talking haha

I've always been craving for ice cream waffles. So we went up to A&W to have ice cream waffles for dessert!

I have loved A&W's ice cream waffles since I was a little kiddo. It does not exactly has the best appearance but hey it's WAFFLES + ICE CREAM AHHHH

We then had dinner at the overrated Kensington Western Fusion Restaurant.

The food was just okay but the staff weren't very attentive. We had to call and wave like forever for them to finally notice us. There was some dirt in the glass of water that they served us too. = = *tsk tsk tsk* I feel that the food and beverage industry in Melaka has to catch up fast to be of the same level as those successful restaurants and cafes in KL.

Had a really fun time with these two girls. They never fail to make me laugh, no matter whether it's some lame joke or some really stupid action XD I can never imagine life without them. It's truly a blessing to have them in my life. ♥

 Till next time. BYE!

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