Redang Island 2014

July 16, 2014

Hi peeps! My holidays has started 2 weeks ago and I've been busy. Yes ikr. It's holiday, but my life is still filled with so many activities that I sometimes feel I didn't even get enough rest yet since after my finals. But thank God those activities are enjoyable ones hehe! So even though I'm super tired, it's no biggie cuz I had a great time ;) Will try to keep my blog updated now since it's the holidays and I'm supposed to have more time for this space. Will try. Will try. *fingers crossed*

Fyi, I'm down with flu and cough now :/ So I'm literally typing this post with mucous flowing from my nostrils and phlegm all choking down my throat. Haha.

Thanks to TX who planned everything, we a few first year dental students from UM went on a 3D2N holiday at Pulau Redang. Took a bus from Hentian Putra to Kuala Terengganu, and then a ferry to the island.

We stayed in "Redang Holiday" resort. Not exactly a high class resort with superb service and comfort but the chalets were air-conditioned and with attached bathrooms so it was good enough. Buffets for all 3 meals and 2 tea breaks were provided too. All these are already included in our vacation package. Price was around RM300 per pax. Talk about cheap right?! The only thing which is not included is the renting of snorkelling kits and life jackets. But if you already have your own snorkelling kit (like me), you won't need to rent :)

From what I heard about pollution, I thought that Pulau Redang would be quite 'polluted' already by now. But no! I was so wrong. When I got down from the boat and stepped foot on the island I was quite surprised to see how clean the beach is. The sand is white! :D Those articles about Pulau Redang being polluted actually meant the dead corals I guess...

Getting ready for snorkelling! Oh and the amount of sunblock I abused on my skin was too much until my face had this 'burning' sensation O.O Shouldn't have put sunblock on my eyelids... It stung so much that I had to wash away some the sunblock lol sorry for wasting

Didn't manage to take pictures of the fishies cuz I didn't buy the waterproof cover thingy for my camera. Was super sad cuz I wasn't able to capture their little kingdom under the sea... Especially during our visit to the marine park! I was lead by one of the divers to view all the interesting creatures there. There was this large coral which was named 'Christmas tree' by the locals cuz it reacts to external stimuli by opening and closing it's pores(? i think). And also, there was a secret hole formed by the corals surrounding it which houses a huge grouper.

After every snorkelling trip, a light meal is always prepared for us back at the resort. No slippers allowed on the dining area. I expected more fish to be served during lunch or dinner. But no. They served us with chicken everyday :/ We're on an island but we eat chicken. Oh the irony.

I didn't join my coursemates for another snorkelling trip the next day. I went exploring around the island instead. Took many pictures too hehehe. I'm gonna spam my pics here nao so better be prepared.

When my friends came back from another round of snorkelling, we did what girls love to do best- taking more photos!!! lololol

On the last night, we walked to the other side of the island and discovered one of the resorts having a mini disco going on. Ah Pek was so high he went up to shake hahahahhahaa *inside joke*

Then we found the place where 《夏日的么么茶》Summer Holiday was filmed.

Then we found another resort having a live band. So we crazily danced around the beach to their music hahaha. Kuo Wei wore our UM dental students' shirt that night and we condemned him for that cuz now other people will know where this crazy bunch of people are from. XD Was a really fun night we had. Also, as a great closure to our first year as dental students together :)

Do watch the video I did for this trip !!! Was my first time editing a real video and afraid that my friends will not like it but in the end they were satisfied with the video so I was like "Yes! My hard work paid off" :') Actually it's just a normal video but since I'm limited so I think I did quite okay with the editing already lol. Quite.

*watch in 720p or above*

Oh and I found this candid pic and noticed how disgusting I look.

Cheers to the end of our first year!


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  1. redang looks so nice still! and i still didnt get to go yet! >.<


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