5 Ways to Avoid Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

August 24, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is getting viral now. But but but... what if you don't want to do the challenge? :O Are there any ways to avoid pouring ice water over your head? Already searching on google on 'HOW TO AVOID DOING THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE'?

Well then, fret no more my friends! You have just arrived at the correct page- the ultimate guide on how to avoid doing the ice bucket challenge! :D

Without further ado, let's get to the

So once you got challenged......

oh just in case you don't know, you need to actually be challenged in order to have to do the, you know, challenge. So as long as you're not challenged by your friend yet, cross your fingers and hope your name will not be called.

Cheat #1 - Donate to ALSA.org
If $100 is not a problem for you, then donate! The donation given is to fund the research of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) anyway. By donating $100, you are not only free from the ice bucket challenge, you are also being a saint in funding ALSA.org :')

Cheat #2 - Ignore
Compared to the first cheat, this cheat is very badass ahhhh

"So what? I don't follow rules anyway. Rules are for losers."

By simply ignoring the challenge, you neither have to pour ice water over your head, nor donate to ALSA.org, butttttttt will have to face THE RISK OF BEING HATED. Others might say that you are not sporting enough, not kind enough, no heart for charity and so on.

But if you're lovin' the hatin', then this cheat is for you.

Cheat #3 - Pretend to have Cheimatophobia, Cryophobia, Frigophobia and Psychrophobia
Tell others that you have an intense fear of ice, coldness, being cold etc. It's a type of phobia. Do remember to sound as apologetic as possible, making them think you are disappointed for not being able to accept the challenge due to physical limitation.

And since you are already a liar, you will also most likely not donate to ALSA.org anyway and yet tell others you have donated.

Who knows, maybe your friends might feel sorry for you and start a whole new campaign to raise awareness on Cheimatophobia/Cryophobia/Frigophobia/Psychrophobia (?)

Cheat #4 - Disappear from all social media and go into hiding
After watching your challenge video, first, close all social media accounts. Next, turn off mobile data and wifi and disable all location details on all devices. Then, hide somewhere where no one can find you.

Do note to hide in a place that has easy access to water and food. The duration of your hiding need not exceed three months since the ice-bucket-challenge trend is expected to die down very soon.

If you are adventurous and possess all the necessary surviving skills, then this cheat is for you.

Cheat #5 - Figure out something witty and 'ACCEPT' the ice bucket challenge
Think outside of the box. Do you REALLY need to pour REAL ice over your REAL head and REALLY get wet?

My #IceBucketChallenge :

#problem? :P

*this is a crappy post

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