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August 17, 2014

Look up at the address bar. Notice any difference? Yes? Yes? Yes?

No? :( That means you're not my loyal blog reader hmph! *angry* nola joking don't hate me please! hahaha

I'm just super excited to announce that .......... I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN NOW YAYYYYYYYY

It used to be but I've changed it to ~ I bought my custom domain on and registered it for 3 years.

I've always wanted a domain for myself instead of hosting it on Blogspot. Idk why. It just seems cooler to have instead of The 'blogspot' there just pulls everything down. But no worries. Cuz if you still use the old url to visit my blog, it will automatically be redirected to my current website :D

Now the big question: WHAT IS I-LOVETTE ???

Haha. Trust me. It took me ages to decide on my website name. I asked a few of my friends for suggestions and some gave me funny names such as lololol   

In the end I decided on cuz the word 'ilovette' is actually all the alphabets in my name (Violette), rearranged. Kinda cool right? :D I personally think the word 'ilovette' looks kinda pretty hahahaha. Sounds lovely too! Although I don't know what the correct pronunciation is, since this word doesn't even exist        But I decided to pronounce it as I-love-vet . So yeah, basically my blog name is pronounced this way.

I actually wanted instead of what I have now ( but that domain is already taken.... Apparently it's a name of some online jewellery store :/ So yeah... was feeling a little down about this matter. Ikr. I'm so shallow...

K la so anyway, I'm still very happy that I finally got a domain for my own! Will surely cherish it by posting blog posts regularly from now onwards.......... or not. Hahaha. I always say that I'll blog regularly but I still can't commit myself to this simple promise. I fail as a blogger...... NOOOOOOO

Okay I'll stop my crap talk now haha bye.


  1. so cool!! i want to have my own domain too! *raise hand* then look at my wallet * hmmm, maybe next time, haha
    no actually i tot you change the domain name only, then only i realize it became a dot com ady hehe

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