Beautifest 2014 @Ruang, Subang Jaya

September 21, 2014

After blogging for almost 3 years, I finally got the chance to attend a bloggers’ event last Tuesday. It’s like a milestone for me haha I feel much achievement. Like finally! Some (tiny)progress in my blogging life! I’m taking baby steps in building my blogging circle… Hopefully one day this humble blog of mine will be of interest of many

So back to the title, Beautifest2014 is an event organised by Intimate Affairs, an event management company hosting large formal events to smaller personal gatherings for a variety of clients in Kuala Lumpur. With courtesy of being the co-organiser, I was one of the lucky 10 bloggers who was chosen to be given a free makeover and to be transformed into a (not-so-tall-)supermodel for a day by their elite team of professional makeup artist and stylist. 

To be honest, I was rather reluctant to go at first cuz I didn't know any of the other bloggers personally. I felt that it would be quite awkward if all of the other bloggers already knew each other and I will be the odd one out… :(

After a few rounds of searching, I was finally able to reach the event venue at Ruang @Subang Jaya, Jalan SS18/6.

I was immediately greeted by Zuza from the team and she escorted me to the place where all the other bloggers are getting their makeup done. There were a total of 10 of us therefore some of us were waiting for our turns to get ourselves ‘beautified’.

The wait was rather long but the organisers were good enough to have a few indoor games prepared for us so we won’t get bored while waiting.

I talked to the other bloggers and felt relieved that they were really friendly people! :D Thank God! All of us clicked in no time and were already talking about when will be our next meet-up. To my surprise, I was the youngest blogger there! But that only means that the other girls are so much more experienced in the blogsphere compared to me. I have tons to learn from them.

While waiting, I also walked around Ruang to snap a few pictures of the set-up done by Intimate Affairs.

Intimate affairs is the creative mindset of Ella Fauzi, a full time glamazon & mother of two adorable children who never got her dream wedding. She finally decided to go on a quest to ensure that no one has to ever go through the same situation EVER. With that said, intimate affairs was created from the love and passion that Ella has when it comes to celebrating love, life, friends and family.

One of Ella’s talents is creating gorgeous yet affordable outfits and accessories. The idea of having a one of a kind piece of jewellery, shoes or outfit would give each and every individual that personal touch for their special event.

Snacks were provided! Yayyyyyyy~ Just like the wedding gowns and accessories, the food was displayed nicely as well. Desserts never fail to make me happy!

Chocolate cake coated with white chocolate ball(and red 'lips')

Awesome cake is awesome

Pie, cupcakes and sandwiches! (from Ummis Delight)

Intimate Affairs were not only kind enough to give us a free makeover, they even prepared some freebies for us to take home.


 -First batch of ladies done with hair and makeup-

After that, it was my turn to get my makeover. I had to take a 'before' photo of me first with no makeup on.

Okay let's get started!

Ridz was my makeup artist that day. I feel so ashamed cuz he knows more about makeup compared to me.

He told me that I had a very large volume of hair so it was a little hard for him to tie them up. I was frantically nodding my head cuz I couldn't agree more haha. I told him that even I myself have a tough time tying up my hair into a ponytail everyday.

And we're done! Taadaa!

Before and after. 

I look like a little girl trying too hard to look mature hahaha

I'm really glad to have tried out a different style for the day. Never have I ever experiment with makeup and hairdo until this level of sophistication. Normally I would just apply foundation and lip tint and I'm good to go. But that day, I got the chance to experience what runway/photoshooting models need to go through.

Thank you Ridz!

 Group photo!

At the end of the day, the Intimate Affairs team requested for the bloggers to do a simple catwalk. My goodness! Never have I ever done a catwalk so it turned out pretty awkward hahahahhaha

Awkwardness level 67489598

In a nutshell, Beautifest2014 was a successful one for sure! All of the bloggers were happily exchanging contacts before heading home. Here I would like to take the opportunity to thank the organisers- Intimate Affairs and 

“Intimate Affairs” comes from the French word “affaires intimes”. “Intimate” - (personal / private) and “Affairs” - (plans / happenings).

Nearly everything we do in our life everyday is an intimate affair and sharing them with the closest people in our lives makes it more memorable. Planning a birthday bash? A private party? Weddings? Theme parties? Contact Intimate Affairs now and let them plan the best one for you! :D

For more information or to make an appointment, feel free to call or contact Intimate Affairs via Whatsapp or Email. Visit their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram and Twitter :)

Ella Fauzi : +60 17 392 9403
+60 17 668 4417
Instagram: @myintimateaffairs
Twitter: @intimateevents2

Ruang @ Subang Jaya
Address: Jalan SS 18/6
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Instagram: @ruangatsubang
Twitter: @ruangSJ

Ummis Delight:
+6 012 7100149

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