Christine's 20th Birthday !

September 12, 2014

It has been already 3 days passed my bestie’s 20th birthday and I still failed to post this up on time *sigh* I'm having so little time these few days. What a drastic change compared to a week ago when I was back at home lazing :(

I'm starting to do more practical and hand work this new semester. Seems pretty interesting :) Yay dentistry!

Back to the topic, a few secondary school friends and I celebrated Christine’s birthday last weekend in Melaka. We went to Ichizen Japanese restaurant for dinner.

I personally think that the food was kinda pricey. Couldn't really understand why it was so though… Maybe they wanna bring up the f&b standard in Melaka(?) But it’s not like the food tasted heavenly or something :( Though it didn't taste bad la... In fact it was quite delicious, but definitely not very heavenly lol

The birthday girl, Christine with yours truly.

Yan Yee

Hui Yin

Zhi Qiong

We had a ‘discussion’ about how to be a smart customer and save money yet get to eat good food lololol. In the end we thought about a plan and managed to get a pretty good deal haha!


We heard of a newly launched skydeck in Melaka so we headed over there after our dinner to check out the place. It was opened about a month ago if not mistaken. 

We had to enter a separate door into the hotel as the main door is supposed to be for their in-house guests only. The place was pretty crowded that night and I would say that the place didn't look as big as I thought it was from the pictures in their FB Page. Their cameraman has good skills haha

The lights kept changing colors so we had a hard time taking pictures lol. After a few attempts, we finally got the hang of it. I discovered that pink and violet lights make the photos turn out nicer while green and yellow lights…. yucky

Frankly speaking, we were more focused on taking pictures than chilling… #Girlsbeinggirls

Happy 20th to my best friend ever <3 p="">

Hope that you enjoyed the night spent together Christine ^^ We love you~~~~

Eco Tree Hotel Skydeck Pool Bar

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