Magnum Cafe @Mid Valley Megamall: Grand Opening

November 15, 2014

With all the strong hype going on about #MagnumKL on Instagram, you might already know by now that Magnum Café is officially launched today at Mid Valley Megamall (3rd floor, near Golden Screens Cinemas).

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Magnum Café is finally launched in Malaysia!!! I can already hear you ice cream lovers screaming out of excitement. I know I know. I was just as excited as you are when I was there to witness the grand opening of this pleasure-serving café!

As mentioned on Magnum’s Facebook photo, Magnum will be giving out 500 FREE customized ‘Make My Magnum’ ice creams on their official launch day. *limited to 500 patrons on a first-come, first-serve basis

The queue was rather long already when my friends and I arrived around 9.30am. Look how fast the queue grew when it was 9.55am! People were lining up until the other side of the mall! 0.0 This happens when all of us want an exclusive first taste of the Make My Magnum ice cream.

#MagnumKL backdrop

Instructions to keep those in queue informed about the whole giveaway procedure.

Us girls woke up early just for ice cream. Jia Jia even ate her breakfast while queuing up. All hail the power of ice cream!!!

We queued in line for quite some time while watching each and every earlybird enter the café and come out with a customized Magnum ice cream. Some of them munch, while most of the others lick lol. Oh the agony of waiting…

Then, we saw our dental juniors coming out from the café with an ice cream each.

“Eh! Look here! I help you all take picture!” *snaps*

We asked them what their numbers are and got to know that they are around 92nd-95th. While, our numbers are……

201 // 202 // 203

“Never mind. There will be light at the end of the tunnel(queue).” :’)

*Arrived at the entrance of the cafe*

Like finally. After two hours.

Gold and silver Magnums on display inside glass cases.


After this, I didn't take any pictures of the process of getting my customized Magnum ice cream because I decided to VLOG instead. Kindly watch the vlog below! I kept it short and simple. *kindly watch in HD

Step 1: Choose the toppings.
Step 2: Choose the ice cream flavour: chocolate, brownie or vanilla.
Step 3: Choose the coating: dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.
Step 4: Choose the drizzle: dark chocolate, chocolate or white chocolate.

And you’re done with your customized ice cream! Oh wait, a chocolate ‘Magnum coin’ will be added onto your ice cream too.

There were 18 choices of toppings to choose from: blackcurrant gummies, popcorn, pretzel, marshmallows, cranberries, Oreos, hazelnuts, rose petals, pistachios, sea salt….. even chilli flakes! 0.0 The person actually recommended me chilli flakes but I was a whiny and I opted for marshmallows instead haha

This particular painting caught my eye. It reminded me of a painting by my pastor :)

The interior design of the café is kept fairly simple yet it gives a classy and sophisticated look.

I forgot to mention, Magnum Café is actually two-storey. The café is also accessible from the floor above. At the top floor, there are tables for customers to dine in. Well, it’s a café, of course people dine in here! :)

Dine-in area on the top floor:

 The chocolate-drip-like lamps look nice. How creative.

#MagnumKL photo taking time with our Magnum ice creams! 

We couldn't wait to savour our long-awaited Magnum ice cream. So after the fast photo-taking, all three of us went from a noisy chit-chatting girl group to silence, just so we can indulge. #thepoweroficecream

We posted our photos to Instagram after that.

And, they printed our pictures out for us!

Collecting our photos.

My printed photo.

Thank you Magnum Kuala Lumpur for the treat! I’ll definitely come back again soon to try out other stuff on the menu.


‘a day without pleasure is a day lost’

// Facebook //

T-023, 052 & 053
Third floor, Mid Valley Megamall
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Magnum Cafe Mid Valley review 


  1. wow, look nice!!!and the shop so grand!!!

    1. Yup! The shop design is very classy~

    2. Does anybody know how much the franchise is to get?

  2. wow~~~ I saw another blogpost, about the opening of magnum too~~ but urs is more into detail. solve my craving for interior view for the magnum cafe too~~ and I like your video!

    1. Thanks! Haha it's my first vlog XD My friend told me that the video is too shaky though ....


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