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November 6, 2014

If you have been following me on Facebook, you would have known by now that I took up a video challenge by P1 Connect. I’ve been posting short videos every week for three consecutive weeks already, hence I’ve completed the challenge!!! *pops confetti* :D

To ensure a proper ‘closing ceremony’ for the challenge, I’m here to blog about my experience while filming these 3 videos- #FoldABoat , #FoldAPlane and #MakeAFall. If you haven’t watched them yet, kindly do so!


When I read the first challenge, the first thing that came to my mind was “Hey! I used to do this!”. I used to love folding paper boats a lot when I was a kid(I’m not sure why). My love for paper boats went to the extent that I could ask my parents for stacks of papers just to make paper boats. I think my mum kind of regretted teaching me how to fold them because I seriously used up a lot of her papers haha! I would then place the paper boats in the huge basin that I take my shower in(I was a tiny kid) and play with them while I'm having my shower. Shower time was fun time for me!

I wanted to create the similar experience I had when I was young so I planned to fold paper boats and make them float in a swimming pool. Being good at procrastinating (which is bad), I delayed doing my challenge until the very last minute. And when I was about to record the video on Thursday, everything was going on fine until the weather became gloomy and it started to rain = =” #potongsteamweyh

So in the end, I was left with no choice but to place the paperboat in a pail. It was already at night, hence the fluorescent light was not bright enough. I had to put a candle inside the paperboat just to make sure the scene will be filmed clearly @@ Frankly, I was sad because I was not able to carry out my initial plan. But I posted the video anyway with fingers crossed :)

By the end of first week, I decided that I would take my next video to a different level.


Literally. I did take the video to a different level. I filmed it higher from the ground haha!
I had a small adventure by my own around my campus on a Saturday morning while filming this video. I decided to fold a basic paper plane. The reason why I do not want to fold complicated ones is because the paper planes that I played with when I was young were easily made too.

Woke up early on a Saturday, brought a long my tripod, semi-pro camera and paper planes and headed down to Dewan Tunku Canselor(the hall where all UM students have their graduation ceremony). The special reason why I chose the spot for filming is because it represents one of the oldest buildings in University of Malaya.

After I had filmed part of the video outside the building, I began running around my campus with my camera and the paper plane. For those who saw me, I'm not crazy okay I'm still sane!


For the last challenge, it took me quite some time to think of the idea of making it creative. #MakeAFall was definitely the toughest one for me compared to the other two challenges, the reason being that I never make a parachute before. Nevertheless, I refused to give up, simply because I have come so far already. I want to win!!! #kuatsemangat

Thank goodness I found a ‘forever-onz’ friend of mine to help me out with the challenge. When I was recording the video, the balloons I bought kept bursting so I had to blow more to replace the burst ones.

Bottom-line: Don’t buy ciplak balloons.


So after completing all three challenges, I did a reflection on what I had done and realised that… as people living in this fast-paced world, we tend to get so caught up with our daily chores and duties that we lose out on the bigger picture.

Life is not all about keeping ourselves busy with different kinds of responsibilities just so we can be productive and earn more to feed ourselves with luxury and comfort. Rather, take time to enjoy the simple things around us. Be like a kid without worries.

Rekindle your childhood love, reminisce the fun times you once had, and revive that!

If it weren’t for P1 Blogger Nostalgic Nation Challenge, I would have never even bothered to #FoldABoat, #FoldAKite or #MakeAFall. It was because of this competition, I was able to relive my childhood days.

Thank you P1 for giving me a chance to be nostalgic! The fun experience I had was totally worth it!

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  1. A lot of interesting touch points there. Thanks for your entry too! Good luck in winning as we have just done judging on your article *jotting marks*



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