CONTEST: Allow me to JUMP 10,000 feet from the sky

December 3, 2014

Hello! Guess what? Seeties is finally going public officially… TODAYYYYY!!! *pops champagne* How do I know about this? Being a Seetizen Expert, I was already invited to become one of Seeties’ users even before the app is officially launched. 

To celebrate this milestone Seeties style, the Seeties team is launching a nationwide JUMP contest! It's the first time EVER in Malaysia for a startup to throw this one of a kind campaign.

How does JUMP work?
Seeties will be giving away 7 FREE skydiving adventures, each of them worth RM3,000! Yes, you read it right! Crazy, daring, exciting - just like Seeties! You can feel the air on your face and see Malaysia from a completely new perspective.

How to win?
1. Go to

2. Upload a photo of your Jumpface through Seeties JUMP page. Imagine yourself falling down from the plane. Be creative!

3. Share your Jumpface on Facebook and invite your friends to vote, as many time as possible but limited to one vote a day.

(7 contestants who receive the most votes by 3 January 2015 win a FREE skydiving!)

My JUMPface
I decided to join the competition as well. I mean c’mon! The prize is a skydiving experience weyhhh :O It will be a once in a lifetime experience for me(if I win). This face here…

will definitely get uglier when it gets distorted by the wind while jumping down from 10000 ft. above ground level.

I think there would be a cameraman together with the team to capture the whole experience. So, if you want to see a very ugly version of my face(since the picture I uploaded is not very JUMPface-like enough compared to the others), then do vote for me! HAHAHA

I really hope to win this and to finally check ‘Skydiving’ off my bucket list. Plus, it’s my birthday month this December… so do me a favour by voting for me here:


Every vote counts :') Kindly bookmark that link and click into it everyday to vote for me because each person can vote once daily. If you want to be more helpful, share it and ask your friends to vote for me as well :') 

This is my very first time joining a voting competition so I’m not sure of how many votes I can gain. But hopefully I’ll be able to win. It would be the greatest gift for my 20th birthday. It would mean a lot to me :’)

 “What do I gain if I vote for you?”
The campaign period is 3/12/2014 - 3/1/2015 (30 days). For those of you who are thinking this right now, I actually don’t know what I can do for you XD But as I was thinking about this a while ago, I thought of something to reward those who voted for me constantly for more than 20 times(meaning, you contributed more than 20 votes). 

I will either:

1. Hold a board with your name while I skydive.
Eg. “XXX sent me here!”


2. Make a Youtube song cover of any song of your choice.


3. If you have other requests, let me know and I will consider whether to accept it or not.

Email me the snapshots proving that you already voted for me more than 20 times to . The date should be captured inside the snapshots as well. No cheating :P  

Annnddddd, I’m just gonna say it again, VOTE FOR ME HERE: 




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