Chapter Two Coffee & Dessert @Jalan Kota Syahbandar

January 19, 2015

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus~

Well, exams are finally over(for now) and I had the opportunity to return to my lovely hometown in Melaka. Life in KL is awesome. So happening. So fun. But Melaka is still the only place where I feel like home :)

The next day after I got home, the girls immediately asked me out for a catch-up session. It has been ages since I last met them. All of us are studying in KL yet our schedules are so different that when Christine finishes her exam, it was Zhi Qiong’s turn to have her exam, and when Zhi Qiong is done, it was my turn. Busy lives we have. 

We had a little chillin’ time at a new café in Melaka - Chapter Two Coffee & Dessert. It is located at Jalan Kota Syahbandar, very near the sea.(same row as Movida Kitchen Melaka)

According to the barista, the café opened only a few weeks ago. We are like the ‘in’ people. Always up to date about the development in our hometown although we are in KL. Lololol #behpaiseh

Melaka’s newest coffee place hopes to challenge the onslaught of mediocre cafés in Melaka by providing something out of the norm – creativity. Couple the inconspicuous location with a unique concept store offering a fresh take on fashion and coffee, Chapter Two is a potential success story.

"M Concept" is located at the corner of the café where a showcase of apparels is displayed. Men can bring their girlfriends here to shop for clothes while they linger at the coffee bar. What a splendid idea.

I ordered their homemade oreo cheesecake while both Christine and Zhi Qiong ordered hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate // RM8.00

Homemade oreo cheesecake // RM12.00

The cheesecake is incredibly rich, but not overly sweet. Being so smooth and creamy, it definitely has a no-bake recipe(my wild guess). The only downside is that the portion was tiny. Nevertheless, it was still rather satisfying.

The coffee place delivers a vintage vibe with marbel stone tables and vintage English chairs.

It was rather disappointing that the relaxing music played were Chinese pop songs. Disclaimer: I’m not against Chinese songs fyi. I just felt that they did a rather good job in creating the elegant and classic English atmosphere. Why kill it with Chinese pop songs??? #我get不到 #jackiechanconfusedmeme

That’s just my two cents. Hopefully they will read my blog and re-consider their music choice. Haha.

Overall, I would say it is worth a try but I don't think I will come back anytime soon because the menu is rather limited. Unless I wanna scout for apparels! Then maybe I will revisit this place. Thanks Christine and Zhi Qiong for spending the day with me. #girlsdayout #cafehunt #okayhashtagsdontworkonblogs

Another good day with good company! Hehe

Till then. Byeeee

Chapter Two Coffee & Dessert

12A, Jalan KBS 12,
Taman Kota Syah Bandar, Melaka
Tel: 013-380 1138


M Concept

12A, Jalan KBS 12,
Taman Kota Syah Bandar, Melaka
Tel: 016-641 5155



  1. Wow this is really tempting! The delicacies and the beverages~


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