How I Spent My Christmas [2014]

January 31, 2015

I told myself that I have to blog about this because last year’s Christmas was the Christmas that I had the most parties/gatherings to attend! Christmas was so fun and jolly that I don’t look forward to the new year anymore. Okay here goes.

#1 : PKV Christmas Party

I was asked to perform along with Boon Hoe this time. We did a duet on “We are the Reason” by Avalon. Eric was our pianist.

Not sure if you can see us clearly from this photo……….

But I’m sure now you can. Eric Tan left early because he is a busy man. Tsk tsk.
On a side note, Yi Yeen y u so cute~~~

We had a gift exchange session at the end of the party. We’re supposed to exchange presents with people we don’t know, and then get to know them. But I feel so bad right now because I totally forgot this guy’s name /.\ #phailed

#2 : Christmas Party @my cousins'

I met my cousins for the first time. #longstory So grateful that I’m finally able to get to know them. They’re really nice and friendly despite us being strangers and all :) #gonnabridgethegap #takingonestepatatime

They were having their cell group Christmas party at their home so we spent the whole morning preparing for it. Well, kinda. We prepared by shopping for new clothes HAHAHA

#3 : CHC Choir Christmas Party

This party was rather exhausting cuz we had to run all over our church! Thanks to Siang Ling, Shin Hui and Xiao Fen, we had a really exciting time playing the games that were prepared for us. The time spent on the intense chase definitely strengthened our bonding as a choir team haha, especially when I just joined the team only a month ago. All of them are just so welcoming that I don’t feel awkward at all when I first met them. Glad to be in this family :)

Received this Christmas gift aka belated birthday gift from Marc before the games started.


Serena tore off Leon's sleeve during the chase. #ganasnyer

Sweaty, smelly us.

#4 : UM Cell Group D19 Christmas Party

The party was in Gladys’ house. Everybody brought so much food the whole dining table was filled up that we don’t have space to eat at the table! We were squeezing here and there to fit our plates.

This is what happens when you get all the funniest people together in one room. There were moments when we played the grape-throwing-and-catching-with-your-mouth game. Stephen and Eunice did some weird dance that was rather amusing. Then we enjoyed taking food in front of the camera while others are posing behind. It will never be a dull moment when I’m together with them. So fun so fun so fun!

#5 : UM Dental Cell Group Christmas Party
We had it one of the seminar rooms in our faculty as usual~ We played games, sang some Christmas carols and had a feast! Thank you first-years for preparing the games and thank you Edward and Wei Chun for being in charge of the food ^^

#6 : Second-year Dental Students’ Christmas Party
A big thanks to Khe Sin for handling this one! It was a crazy and fun night with my coursemates. This Christmas party had the most happening and cheerful atmosphere. Just imagine the amount of noise we made hahaha thank goodness we booked the place else we’ll definitely receive loads of complaints.

#7: Christmas Eve Countdown Service @CHCKL
The finale to my Christmas 2014. I don’t fancy Christmas countdowns at any other place but church. It's the place where everybody rejoices over the birth of Christ 2000+ years ago :') Was a privilege to serve in the choir team that night.

Earlier that night...
15mins later... #peoplemountainpeoplesea



 See how Parti runs from the back to the front xD

Christmas has always been the best occasion. It reminds me that a saviour was born to us while we were still sinners. Such amazing love :) Can’t wait for the next Christmas! 


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