New Year New Skin

January 8, 2015

New *BLOGSKIN. Nyehehehehe! 


No more xiao mei mei pinky floral design. I'm giving my blog a whole new look. A more mature-looking, presentable and decent one. I'm loving how sophisticated it is now XD

Anyway, I'm just gonna do a little update on my busy busy life.

I've been zombie-ing lately because exam is just around the corner. Been studying the whole day everyday for a few days already and I'm beginning to lose the motivation. My brain is saturated it's gonna exploded anytime soon :(

I noticed that the degree of procrastination is worst when I'm supposed to NOT to be procrastinating. It is during this time when my phone notifications will always be attended to, sleepiness kicks in and hunger strikes. Oh ya, and even staring dumbly at white walls seem like a fun thing to do when you're studying.

Oh well. The only reason why I'm looking forward to exam is the one-month holiday after that. I miss my free time. I miss blogging... haha. #tendtomisseverythingduringaperiodlikethis 

Will write a blog post about how I spent my Christmas after my exam! :) (Writing this here so that I will keep my word)

Back to my lecture notes now! BYE.

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