January 22, 2015

To continue on my previous short post on the P1 ToGo® Internet, I'm here again to write about this internet package and my experience using it for a month.

What is P1 ToGo® ?

A mobile internet plan with your personal WiFi hotspot, enabling you to share 4G Internet with your friends(or with both your iPad and iPhone for example). With packages offering extra quota and uncapped speed, there's no need to worry about staying connected while on the move.

‘The Malaysian Big Screen Broadband Survey 2014’ pointed out that 67% of mobile broadband users use their mobile broadband services outside on the go, mainly for travel usage and instant on demand browsing of the Internet. That’s why portability rocks!

The research also showed an increased necessity to connect multiple devices at once and not be tied down to expensive mobile phone data subscriptions, a location (i.e cafés or McDonalds) for stable, fast internet.

One thing users do not realise is the ease of having a portable MiFi unit that can cater to their smart phone, laptop and tablet all at once in one single subscription. This is where the ToGo® units are best suited; so small that it can fit right into your jeans, hassle free and free from encumbrances.

P1 ensures that all of its portable internet devices deliver a faster internet connection for travellers. But did you know portable devices are also extremely useful as a backup alternative to a fixed internet service when it comes to slow and sluggish public internet network? (eg. The wifi in my university lol)

P1’s new package offerings allow you to better control your plan and price. P1 ToGo® packages come in 3 offerings, starting from RM59 per month, RM109 per month and RM159 per month.

P1 ToGo® internet packages come with MiFi units which can connect multiple WiFi enabled devices such as your smart phone, tablets, laptops etc. with extensive battery life that allows you to stay connected on-the-go longer.

My Experience

After using P1 ToGo® internet package for a month, I was quite surprised as the speed was quite fast. I often hear rumours that P1 Internet has a rather slow speed, but I guess it’s because of the coverage. P1 has less coverage area compared to other mobile internet service providers. But as long you are in the area of their coverage, you will not have to worry. (Check coverage: http://www.p1.com.my/wimax/coverage_ref.aspx)

The MiFi unit that was given to me to try out is a MX230. Was very happy with the sleek design and especially how good it dissipates heat! The portable WiFi broadband device that I had from another Internet service provider always gets too hot whenever I’m using it. Sometimes when I put it in my pocket, the heat is too unbearable that I have to take it out and place it elsewhere. But for the MX230, it stays in my pocket comfortably and cooled. (y)

Why choose P1 ToGo ?
- most value-for-money on-the-go broadband with ANY TIME quota(use at peak and off peak hours without any limitations)

- most value-for-money on-the-go broadband with the highest GB per Ringgit(so you can do more but pay less)

- uncapped speed for you to experience the network at its best performance

For more info on how P1 ToGo® compares with other wireless broadband providers, visit: http://goo.gl/vN8NYH

If you are wondering how was I able to have this opportunity to review this product, you can visit the links below:
i. P1 Online Media Associates Sign Up Page
ii. P1 Online Media Associates Facebook Group

By signing up as a P1 Online Media Associate(OMA), you can enjoy exclusive news, updates, announcements of P1's services, products, events, activities and INVITATIONS first hand to their events whenever a campaign is launched.

P1 held a competition for OMAs lately and the first prize was a MacBook Pro! One of us won it(but too bad it was not me). Haha you can read more about my participation: here

What are you waiting for? Do sign up now and keep your eyes peeled for latest updates!

P1 strongly believes that their users deserve more, and more means the best Internet experience via the best modem suited for the job.


  1. Hi, the package P1 ToGO for RM109 is it really unlimited because I check on the website, it seem got mention after exceed 100GB, the speed will reduced but I not sure is it applied on the package RM109.

  2. I know this is late but, p1wimax speed usually drop down after 2-3 months. Been using p1wimax since 2010 and I'm still frustrated by how the speed arent as fast as it promised. It's slower than most portability ones i ever used. I can't change to other package because my brother is too lazy to do paperwork and i will stuck with this for years more.

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